BOTTOMLINE - No contest, for other Republican candidates will get demolished!!

He is the most opposite in terms of ability to manage and getting results.   

      Gingrich and Santorum have never governed nor managed large organizations

A 1/2% can make the difference

     Romney, before cleaning up misconceptions, is the closest in polls by about 2% - which will
          make the difference, undoubtedly

He can appeal to independents, primarily on

     Ability to manage the economy so it is based on effective business principles

           Free of unduly restrictive regulations
           Free of undue cost burdens
           Simplifying support systems for business and matching jobs and skills
           Standing strong with China 
           Standing strong on oil production

Most experienced and capable of replacing ObamaCare (See quote below!)

      His experience with creating RomneyCare, which was based on conservative principles, as
          opposed to the dramatic, costly revisions in ObamaCare   

Most able to carry other Republicans into office

      Gingrich and Santorum are likely to alienate or be extreme such that they will hurt other
          Republicans in their races

Ability to work "across the aisle"

       In Massachusetts, balanced budget, etc., with an 85% Democratic legislature


The reason that a 1/2% makes a huge difference

The "hard core" Dems and Republicans will not change their minds.  So the key is the independents, along with those who are swing voters (moderate Dems).  And the difference will only be in those states that are capable of being swing states

The electorate is not that familiar with Romney

Many haven't even heard of him.  And the great majority are not very familiar with him yet, so they believe general rumors and mischaracterizations. Yes, he must address those clearly and have a great "marketing" plan, but I would bet that he could convince those key voters.

Surely, as the electorate gets more familiar with Romney, his chances will improve.  He isn't that far behind Obama in the polls, and that is without being known or fully known.

The issue of being able to govern and run an organization

We've seen what happens when a President has no experience running anything - besides noticing the "signs", you would see from Ron Suskinds history of the President in "Confidence Men" that those who worked with him thought they were "home alone, with no adult in the house" and Suskind's conclusion that he is a "brilliant amateur" - and note the result of that amateur being in office.   

Romney is the only one in the field with “the views and the résumé and the organization” necessary to win, he says. To Ehrlich, voters aren’t concerned about time in Washington as much as “competence.” And, in his eyes, that’s what makes Romney stand out.
The other is that the Tea Party movement has been completely overrun with social conservatives. If that’s the case, Republicans will lose this election, and lose it badly.

Most qualified to address the health care issue

''Arianna Huffington, a CNN Pipeline analyst and Democratic activist, was impressed with Governor Romney's answer on health care. She thinks the Democrats may have reason to worry.

"This is his advantage, he can speak well on a strong Democratic issue like health care," Huffington said.

ON SANTORUM (See links in the bar on the left, especially linking from his Main Page.)

Rick Santorum’s social-conservative credentials are unquestioned, they have led to him making controversial comments, including criticizing “radical feminists” for encouraging women to enter the workforce, and comparing homosexuality to “man-on-dog” sex and bestiality. Unfortunately for Republicans if they nominate him, these may cost him among independents and swing voters in a general election though they are unlikely to wound him in a Republican primary.

His extreme comments have proven to alienate voters - and will be damaging for the independent vote.  The evidence of the effects of his stance was shown in 2006, where he lost by a record 18%, plus he was rated the lowest in popularity of all 100 Senators (-19%).   See Unelectable and Too righteous?  Seen As Too Extreme.

ON GINGRICH (See links in the bar on the left, especially linking from his Main Page.)

"If he's the nominee, it's a disaster. There is no way to sugar-coat it," said one GOP congressional strategist describing the tension after Gingrich won South Carolina.

"There is a reason most people who know him best aren't supporting him," said a former House colleague still serving in Congress.

Asked why he had endorsed opponent Mitt Romney if he had served with Gingrich for so long, a House Republican replied with a smile, "Because I served with Gingrich for so long."

Those GOP congressional sources and many others spoke on condition of anonymity because they believe Gingrich, who is running against the "Republican establishment," will only turn the criticism into his advantage.
                                                                                    Fear A Gingrich Rise 


If Republicans nominate Newt Gingrich, "it will have an adverse impact on Republican candidates running for county, state, and federal offices," former Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole, the GOP's 1996 presidential nominee, said in an "open letter" Thursday.

"Hardly anyone who served with Newt in Congress has endorsed him and that fact speaks for itself. He was a one-man-band who rarely took advice. It was his way or the highway," Dole said.

Read more here: http://blogs.mcclatchydc.com/washington/2012/01/dole-warns-about-gingrich-saying-hed-hurt-state-and-local-gop-hopefuls.html#storylink=cpy

                                  Dole warns about Gingrich, saying he'd hurt state and local GOP hopefuls  


Candidates Compared On
  Qualifications - Including

Republicans - Don't Make
   The Same Mistake As In
   2008 - 4/5 of a loaf is
   better than no loaf  


Why Conservatives Should Vote For Romney

Why Tea Partiers Should
   Vote For Romney 

Why Democrats Should Vote     For Romney 

ROMNEY Track Record  

    Story, in videos


Unelectable - Least popular of all
   100 senators, etc.
    Too righteous?  Seen As Too
       Extreme - Electable?

Santorum Fibs And Untruths 

Santorum Flip-Flops

Political Record - Highest
     unfavorability rating


The Gingrich Question: Compare record to  Romney!  (Ethics, results, ability to manage, exaggerate claims of credit)

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