Mitt Romney, the most proven to be qualified, will be the most effective Chief Executive Officer Of The United States for implementing what will benefit the Tea Party members and all Americans, using sound, conservative principles and policies.


“The Iowa tea party movement is opposed to Romney because we just believe that he’s probably big government and more of a liberal Republican, although he has some conservative values and he’s a good man,” said Charlie Gruschow, a tea party activist in Des Moines who advises Gingrich’s campaign. [He has a record of correcting huge budget imbalances and 800 vetoes.  He has, in fact, operated as the best implementer of Tea Party core principles.]

The biggest hurdle Romney faces in courting the tea party is trying to shake off his health care record in Massachusetts, which the White House has said was a model for ObamaCare."   That is a false association - and they are vastly different.  See ObamaCare Not Designed After RomneyCare.

(Read Gingrich and Santorum, earlier on, endorsing the Massachusetts health care and the individual mandate.)


RomneyCare was praised widely by conservatives - before... It's only requirement is that free
    riders pay their share of the health care they useObamaCare is vastly different.

He corrected a $2 billion dollar deficit to surpluses, plus a $2 billion rainy day fund.   800 vetoes
    of the 85% Democratic legislature.

He lowered taxes in Massachusetts.  (Cut taxes 19 times, though had businesses and people pay
    directly for services they used [a conservative principle]; lowered state's total tax burden. Link 

He has implemented the Tea Party core principles, unique among the candidates!


RomneyCare is based on free market and eliminating free riding at the expense of the government.

If you read the top points about 'RomneyCare" (link), you'll see that it was based on conservative principles applied to stop a huge loss of Federal fees (which is his duty as a servant of the state) and to deal with attempting to stop the flow of "free riders" who cost the government alot of money and to stem the high costs of people using the highest cost way of having healthcare services (going to the Emergency Room, which is required by law to treat them; this costs 4-5 times what normal care would) .  It was an economic plan to deal with something that was already required and it was designed to keep from losing revenues from outside the state.

Notice that he insisted on no new taxes and that it be free market based. (Video interview also)

Just because someone seeks the excellent advisers and uses some of the ideas is no reason to blame the original innovators, especially when the principles are misapplied.

The politicians, in their manipulation or misunderstanding of what actually happened, are illogically blaming Mitt Romney for Obama's actions.  That is preposterous. 

We can only look at what he actually did and the practical reasoning for designing what had to be done to solve the Massachusetts health care huge financial problems.  (See a Video interview to see how this works.)

Romney succeeded in balancing Massachusetts budget

With an 85% Democratic legislature, he succeeded in tackling a $3 billion budget deficit and turned it into a surplus, with a $2 billion dollar rainy day fund set aside. 

That's conservative and fits Tea Party values (and Americans in general).

Held the line on taxes, vetoing increases

Though the legislature did override a number of vetoes of his, he attained the overall limiting, including rejecting a proposal to tax more in the health care bill.

He did follow the conservative principle of "users pay for their benefits, instead of the government", so he adjusted fees to those users, which also helped achieve a balanced budget for the benefit of all.  The government must limit its costs of subsidizing people who can pay for the services!!!! (He is accused of this being the same as raising taxes, but that is a "misnomer", at best.)

Separate Romney from the 85% Democratic legislature that overriode his vetoes 

Although he was able to persuade the Democrats on a number of key issues, they still were able to override 800 of his vetoes.  Given the circumstances, I would judge his effectiveness in achieving conservative, practical goals to be extraordinary.

Yes, he could not implement everything he wanted, but there is no situation where he or the Tea Party will get all they want.  What matters is that he has proven to be effective in making as much progress as possible.  It does no good for the Tea Party to be "right" if there is no effective implementation.

As has been proven in his business and governing, he will be the most effective in moving the Federal Government in achieving the Tea Party core values.


Mitt Romney, the most proven to be qualified, will be the most effective Chief Executive Officer Of The United States for implementing what will benefit the Tea Party members and all Americans, using sound, conservative principles and policies.


What Tea Party voters say:

I must be convinced that he will get rid of regulations stopping the economy.  I've not heard this from Romney.  (See Romney's Plan.  It's specifically addressed, under Jobs:  Regulation.

I must have 5 things: [I took the liberty of inserted what Romney has, but his legislative experience was in actual legislation as Governor. 

_x_ 1.  Legislative experience
_x_ 2.  Executive experience
_x_ 3.  Social conscience  (Kind, Compassionate, Capable)
_x_ 4.  Fiscal conservative.- Took Massachusetts from $3billion deficit to a surplus, plus
_x_ 5. Constitutional advocate - Absolute, even his church policy is strict adherence to the
Tea Party Core Principles And Values

(If people drop their 'views' of the Tea Party and look at the principles, all rational people would agree with them, though the amount of government intrusion might vary as a balancing offset.) 

1. Limited government to
       extent possible
   A. Let free markets work

2. A balanced budget

3.  Minimum taxes possible

There are a number of other "sub-values" that support these, such as "financial integrity", which is implemented in a balanced budget to a high degree.

Romney has implemented these! - as Governor, and also as head of the Winter Olympics - what better proof?!!!  Santorum and Gingrich can only talk about it and make promises, although they have the right principles.

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