Just in!  Wow.  Mitt "preying on Medicare". 

Whoa!  They finally got him!

Oh, my "truth" earpiece tells me that that is a conclusion drawn falsely and unjustifiably even though it was from false information in the first place! 

Wow!  You mean nobody with integrity could draw that conclusion even if they had the wrong info!

Tsk, tsk, guys!

Oh, and its from Wasserman at the Dem National Committee, and AFSCME (union members organization) and Gingrich - wow!  Powerful attackers, all to destroy Mitt!

They say Bain Capital, the dracula organization, made Blood Money off of defrauding Medicare!

Oops, the "truth" earpiece tells me that they were only invested in a corporation that did it.  It was Damon Corporation that did it.

Well, it says Romney was on the board of directors and he was "supervising" the company!.

Oh, that's totally unadulterated bullbleep!?! 

Oh, directors on a board don't manage the company, they just advise it and try to hold management accountable for performing for the stockholders.  Oh, and they had no way of knowing unless told so, since they weren't in operations.

Oh, and then accusations of their causing it or that they should have known about it are naive at best and meant to be totally false and misleading at worst!!.

Tsk!  Tsk!  Gingrich and his buddies are fib, fib, fibbing!

It looks like this is not hot stuff against Romney, as he is totally not involved directly at all.


Whew!  It looks like it is actually Hot Stuff, instead, on the perpetrators!  Apparently Wasserman, AFSCME, and Gingrich superpac are all liers and misleaders... but doing what is right in politics..???  Hmmm!  How can that be right?  Or ethical?????

So, that's the real story - it's about them!

It looks to me that they are opportunists and evilmakers, who are doing the very thing they are choosing to wrongly accuse (or imply)  Romney of being guilty of.  

It's the Evil Empire again, with its three cohorts!!!

Oh, and a news bulletin, AFSCME members are blood money suckers, too, as their pension funds invest in private equity.   By implication, it must be true!   Oops, that just proves how you can falsely accuse anybody, cleverly using guilt by association....

Hmmm, something smells rotten here ... and it appears to be the bullbleep of the accuser/attackers, doing anything they can to win in politics!

Tsk, tsk!


The notes of detail used for devising the above skit on this travesty of mistruths:

Bain Capital acquired Damon in 1989 and took it public in 1991, eventually owning only 10% of the company.

It was not Romney’s company, and Bain was also managing other companies at the time it owned part of Damon Corp.  

Romney [only] served on the board from 1990 to 1993, when the company was bought by Corning.  Corning notified the authorities and the federal investigation began (for overbilling from 1988 through 1993).  Romney was never implicated personally with the fraudulent activity at the company, and it was one of many companies with which Bain was involved - basically he is not accused of and certainly not guilty of any wrongdoing, though the attackers are trying to mislead people to believe he was engaged in nefarious activities and/or negligence.   (A Board Of Directors does no management, but advises management and acts to monitor management's performance, on behalf of the stockholders.  They would have no way of knowing of any goings on unless they were told of it, as they were not in management at all and not able to do things outside their purview.)

Romney had stated that the chief executive told the Board in about 1992 “that all current practices at the company were now in conformity with government regulations and that in the past there may have been practices which would not be deemed appropriate.” "We put a program in place to stop that immediately,” and “that’s how you blow a whistle,”  Romney told reporters on Oct. 9, 2002, according to a Boston Globe account.  The board "blew the whistle" (internally), though people fault him for somehow meaning it meant he blew the whistle or was somehow involved with the feds (which he never ever said); there is no proof he meant that nor any proof that he was at all involved with the Feds.

The New York law firm Schulte, Roth & Zabel advised Damon to change its policy to clarify its requisition orders with doctors, The Boston Globe reported in 2002. Knowing of the federal investigation into lab companies, the firm told Damon that its policies weren’t the same as those of National Health, another lab company accused of fraud by federal investigators, and ultimately advised Damon that its policies didn’t violate any laws.  (Yes, neither Damon nor Romney [as one ofthe Board Of Directors] alerted federal investigators to this process, as they knew of no need to.)  Damon took the firm’s advice and implemented the policy changes – but those changes weren’t significant enough to save Damon from prosecution.

“We took action based on what the law firm told us,”  [That's it.  Period.]

After Bain sold the company to Corning, federal investigators caught Damon and a host of other medical-lab companies engaged in similar activity. Romney and the Damon board did, however, contact Damon’s lawyers, seek their counsel, and change Damon’s policies (as above).

"I think anyone sensible would know that a company that had been sold another company on those grounds would have probably sued Bain Capital hard for doing something like that. Not to mention that if the investigators believed Mitt or anyone associated with Bain was a part of this PR nightmare, that they would have had some sort of measure forced against them."

People accused him of lying when he said:  "We didn’t do any work with the government. I didn’t have an office on K Street. I wasn`t a lobbyist. I didn’t—had never worked—I’ve never worked in Washington."   (nor has he ever worked with any company that worked with the government, though of course one did bill Medicare as a provider of services.  The accusers are saying he didn't tell the truth, but he did, if you look at it literally, which is the only way to do it (instead of adding meaning, your own manufactured "facts", assumptions, etc.).

Romney was accurate when he said he had no knowledge of the investigation, meaning the Federal investigation, as it was secret for a bit and he was never questioned, since he wasn't involved. 

The ad/movie states that Mitt was head of the company (a gross falsehood) at the time of the Medicare fraud, that he made different statements regarding the “scandal”, and that he sold the company to avoid a federal investigation while owning it (totally made up, imputed, assumed, no evidence, etc. and etc. - this accusation deserve the Triple BS Award.

See also:  ABC News refutation in The Story Behind Romney...


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