Oh, yeah, that Gingrich really nailed that heartless Romney as being the corporate raider.

He said they bought companies and then borrowed against them, stripping them of all hope. 

Now, Gingrich wouldn't lie, would he?

Oops, I'm getting a message in my earpiece from our financial guy.  He says an outside company can't just come in and do all sides of all the transactions - that's hogwash!

Well, earpiece, what do you mean?

Well, they say there must be a lender on the other side, one that sees there is sufficient ability and value to pay the loan back.

Oops, I didn't think about that.

Oh, and my earpiece continues (notice how skillfully I listen and talk at the same time, while thinking deeply also!):   And that would imply that there was real value and that the loan could be handled.  It is an outright lie to say that it was not a good loan or that there was any malintent involved or anybody knew the company couldn't pay it.

Sure, it makes sense for an investing firm to get money out in dividends and/or raise money for the company, but that does not imply some great moral decrepitude, despite what the Grinch (oops, Gingrich) says!

Well, then, the investing firm should have known it would have loaded up the company with too much debt and therefore they are bad people.   Right?

Oops, my earpiece say "Nonsense" (only they used another, but censored, word).  Yes, there are a few cases where unanticipated events happened that affected the company, but that is just business and part of what occurs in taking the normal risks while trying to get higher returns.   Surely it is nonsense for people to expect companies to not attempt to get the highest reasonable return, right?

Uh, I guess so.  Yeah.

And overall it creates greater growth and greater prosperity for all, even though that is not the job of a company.  Yes, you can make them wrong for not being charitable enough, but that is not their purpose.  Only God has the right to judge.  And if they don't do anything illegal, then they are not doing anything wrong. Gingrich's moral judgment is just a ploy and totally illegitimate.

And what does that say about Gingrich and his veracity?

Oops, yeah.  I must have start off naively, but I understand better now.  But it's so easy to believe bad things about companies.

Well, John, very few companies are unethical, so it is just pure ignorant prejudice to paint them all with the same brush.  People certainly wouldn't like that to be done to them.

Geez, I'm very sorry, earpiece.  I'll do more thinking and fact checking before jumping to conclusions.  And I refuse to be take advantage of by Gingrich or other politicals and to be fooled.

I am now f----- smarter fellow now!  And I guess maybe that Romney guy is too.  He  looks like Little Lloyd Fautleroy, so maybe he is pure and good - well, at least not a mean corporate raider...