The basic reason for voting for Romney should be to stop the damages from Obama - for everyone, regardless of party!!!!!


Prevent Obama from being in the White House and reeking further damage

    Having a Republican in the White House will make a huge difference.

If you concentrate on being right and asking for what will never happen anyway, you'll lose.


Romney is the only Republican candidate who stands a chance against Obama.  See Why Romney Can Uniquely Defeat Obama

It makes no sense for Conservatives, including Evangelicals, to hope for the impossible in social issues, as they won't happen no matter who gets in there.   And the important thing is not having Obama continuing to do harm to your cause while in the White House. 

There could be some modifications toward your side, such as more information required before choosing to have an abortion

You will not win the battle against same-sex marriages, as there is no way you would garner a 2/3 vote for a Constitutional amendment - and the states will do whatever they do - but we're talking here about electing a Federal position. 

Of course, you want that, and it is your right to go for what you believe in, but we must distinguish being right from doing what will work, what will produce greater benefit.

You'll have nothing if you nominate Gingrich or Santorum, as they'll be blown out of the water, completely destroyed by Obama.  (Again, see Why Romney Can Uniquely Defeat Obama and the related links on that pages left side bar, especially Santorum Is Unelectable.)

You'll gain nothing if you stay home in protest, as "being right" would cost you, if it caused Obama to win, as it is better for you to have a Republican in the White House than a Democrat!!!!!!!   Being right is a losing proposition.

And, as is blatantly obvious to me, you are buying into false accusations, rumors, false reasoning, etc., that has you believing Romney is not conservative - if he isn't conservative, I'll eat my hat!  His actions have been conservative, even in RomneyCare, which was lauded by Conservatives for its conservative principles - before it got blamed for the hugely different ObamaCare (see RomneyCare Contrasted To ObamaCare and RomneyCare Is A Great Conservative Accomplishment). 

See Conservative Or Not? and rate him on all the key principles - and you'll see that he is, indeed, conservative!!!

Even if you still don't completely buy into his being far enough to the right for you, it is still wisest for you to wildly support him, so that you get a Republican in the White House!   (See Don't Make The Same Mistake As In 2008 - Part Of A Loaf Is Better Than No Loaf At All.)

Without your exceptionally avid support, there is little chance for any Republican to win.  I urge you to do what is right - and effective!

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