All right, that Gingrich really was great in nailing Romney as this heartless fellow, creating chaos and destruction wherever he goes.  No wonder his sponsor hasn't taken this down, since if it were untrue Gingrich would certainly be true to his guaranteeing us that he is committed to the truth.

Let's go through that movie and see all the people who think badly of Romney.  (What, they haven't included all those who think goodly of him - or even godly of him??!!??)

Oh, yeah "corporate raider getting rich at the expense of American Workers", ho ha, that is the way they operate.

Oops, there goes my earpiece from the financial guys.  They're spoiling all the fun with facts.  They say that most firms aren't that way, although they do have to eliiminate some unproductive jobs.

Oh, I get it, of course. 

Ok, I get it, all generalizations are false.  Oops, that means that generalization is false. 

But the movie provides 4 targets. 

Unimac Corporation was sold to Raytheon and Bain, who cheapened the product and gutted the operation.  Bad. Bad!

Oops, my earpiece says that Bain sold the company to a teacher's union so it must have had some value. 

Oops, someone was fooling us on that one. 

Well, then, Romney bought KB Toys in 2000.

Oops, my earpiece says Romney left in 1999 with an agreement to be only a passive investor.

Oops, someone is not checking their facts...or they ought to get that little bugger even if they have to lie!

This is getting exciting.

Now there's the DDI raid!

Oops, my earpiece says they improved the company and took it public, then sold out to do other things.  Oh, and Romney was gone by then to run the Olympics.

Let's see.  I think I smell a rat.   And it isn't Romney.

Oh, well, one more chance.

AMPAD in Marion, Indiana, the famous case that harpooned Romney against Ted Kennedy's ad.  Surely Ted Kennedy doesn't misrepresent things! 

They were all fired.  Oops, it looks like they got to reapply.  Hmmm, I wonder if they needed to cull out the less productive employees.  Pretty smart idea! 

And then Randy Johnson, of the Kennedy ad, tells about how terrible it was, with 200+ jobs lost. 

Oh, my earpiece says that it is not disclosed that he was the union organizer who took them out on a prolonged strike making it no longer worth it for the company to keep that plan. 

Oh, and AMPAD still exists today.

Well, shoot, shot down again. 

I heard about GS Industries and how they bankrupted it.

Oops, GS Global is a world class provider today of specialty steel products.

Well, I now feel like I have one very long leg, as Gingrich's group really pulled it.  I apologize for buying into this smut.   How come they can't sue them for lying and defamation of character????

Makin' stuff up and evilizing isn't playing fair.  Naughty boys!
How could anyone sink that low????

Maybe Gingrich is not for truth and is a "reputation raider" full of egotistical greed at the expense of the American Public. 

And, my earpiece tells me, despite total refutation they have left the movie up, despite Gingrich's commitment to the truth and getting them to eliminate all lies.

Hmmm.  Something smells rotten here. 

Ok, that's it for today.

Oops, earpiece is telling me that the government used similar tactics, cutting workers and distribution points and bargaining the union down (just like would happen in bankruptcy proceedings).  So the government is a corporate raider or union buster!???  

Oh, that was to save a company from going under.

Which one?

General Motors

Well, shoot, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to make a company profitable.  I think maybe I'm falling in love with Romney.  He should maybe be President of the World and maybe we'd all be better off.


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And to the sponsor of his superpac, who contributed $5 million initially, and succeeded, though with gross untruth and defamation of character.   Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas