Is he too extreme to win independent votes?

Is he too righteous?

Is he likely to make offensive comments?

Does he really have any ability to run anything?

Perhaps this is part of what contributed to his having, in the 2006 elections, the lowest favorability rating of all 100 Senators (it was -19%)

Santorum, I think, is a good guy. 

And, I think, he will not be very electable because of his "righteous" comments or extreme comments and positions.  How could he ever win over independents, who are largely in the middle?  If he doesn't win them over, then he will not be President and those people who are hoping that he'll implement what they want will be left out in the cold.

He is not a practical choice for President, though I suspect he could be a good minister, though I wouldn't go to him, as I like someone who is more broadly accepting and understanding.  He does not have any experience running anything, so I'm not sure how he could do anything besides being a lawyer or lobbyist.

The electability factor will weigh on "Can the new guy have a chance at making my existing conditions better?"


Flip Flop Collection - Are we right, just because we believe something?  

Santorum Booed Again For Gay Answer - Not unreasonable from one point of view, but how will people react?

Santorum on his "Google Problem" - In other words, he can't hide that.

Scientists Are Amoral - Not unreasonable, again, from a certain point of view, but is our own viewpoint "superior".

Don't be fooled, Santorum is not the one we want.     A bit over the top, but it illustrates what could be used against him.

Dumbest Republican Of All Time? - Such extreme statements about others is the point here, not the issue per se.

Can gay people stop being gay?  - Not that his answer might not have some basis, but he appears dogmatic and judgmental. 

Does Rick Santorum have electability issue if he lost his Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat by 18 points?


I just posted a good answer for this above--- I heard on Hannity the Left is trying to get liberals to vote for Santorum in Michigan and other primaries to defeat ROMNEY. So , if the left wants Santorum to win and really doesn't want Mitt to win, what do you think that means? It means just like we've been saying here, Santorum is toast vs Obama and MITT is the IRON MAN.

Does Rick Santorum have electability issue if he lost his Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat by 18 points?

"Rick Santorum says he can win swing states, but he lost a third Senate term in his own Pennsylvania by a whopping 18-point margin.

A stunning defeat for a two-term incumbent.

Santorum lost almost every region in Pennsylvania and almost every demographic group - including blue collar workers.

Supporters say Santorum lost the 2006 race due to a tough political climate for Republicans: President George W. Bush was unpopular, as was the Iraq war.

But there was more than that to Santorum's landslide loss - a lot more."

charges of hypocrisy for living in Virginia

He blamed "radical feminists" for forcing women to work and questioned the need for two-working-parent households. Try explaining that to Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Santorum has compared homosexuality to incest and polygamy and suggested that Boston liberals were to blame for the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. Can you spell wacko?

Santorum also inserted himself into the Terri Schiavo case - where some members of the government thought it was their job, not the family's, to decide if a brain-damaged woman should have her feeding tube removed. It was a disgrace.

I don't have any faith in a Bible-thumping politician.

An empty cab arrived… Rick Santorum got out.

He has electability issues because he's not running in the 17th century. His stance on women is positively archaic.

As the standard bearer in the GOP's war against modern women, Rick Santorum is the epitome of "Father Knows Best" paternalism. Behind that cherubic smile is a 14th-century mind still struggling to come to grips with the Reformation.

Santorum Main

Controversy Regarding      Homosexuality - Among other things, he consenting adults do not have a constitutional right to privacy with respect to sexual acts

See discussion about the excuses and the real reasons he lost his senate seat by 18 points - a record - at the end of this section.