Very kind, very charitable, altruistic, highest ethics, super high accomplishment, a very fair manager 
      (Discussion: KIND, ALTRUISTIC, CAPABLE and Walks his talk)

Unquestionably proven HIGHEST MORAL CHARACTER

A proven, objective PROBLEM SOLVER, manager and CEO, which is what is needed to be CEO of the U.S.


       A Proven Track Record Of OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE (Especially Where It Matters Most!)   
               (See Track Record.)

        Jack Welch: Romney is THE MOST QUALIFIED LEADER I'VE EVER SEEN run for the
           Presidency of the United States".  (Click to see video.)

        See What Is Said By Others and Romney Compared With The Other Candidates, Including Obama.  

        Rescued and made profitable 2002 Winter Olympics (Even stepped in to break a traffic jam! 
             Saved it from being closed down after 9/11) Video

        Management consulting - Improving businesses (for a fee, of course)

        Rescued old consulting firm (Bain and Company), temporarily leaving Bain Capital

        Ran Bain Capital with OUTSTANDING RESULTS FOR INVESTORS (pension funds, union funds, etc.) (               - Demonstrated ability to turn things around)
             Review what was accomplished and the artificially created attributions to him. 

        Took Mass. from $3B DEFICIT TO $1B SURPLUS, plus a rainy day fund of $2B; worked with 85%
            Democratic Legislature to create solutions, such as to fix health care debacle. 4.7%
            unemployment, the year he left office (2007), the trend in Massachusetts' unemployment rate was
            in the top ten in the nation, prospective businesses pipeline from 13 to 288; per capita
            personal income grew 18%, STREAMLINED PERMIT PROCESS. decreased state tax burden
            from 13th to 17th, state schools rated #1 in all four major measures nationally.   (Mitt Romney As

        Health insurance solution - Reconstructed, with necessary compromises with Dems, a system to
            cover uninsured, better and more economically, free market based, no new taxes, fee for "free
           riders" who could afford to pay for insurance but who get free care  (Understand why it was done this
           way and how it is not the same as Obamacare, and note that his gathered experts were so good
           Obama sought them out to help.)  See RomneyCare V. Obamacare.

        Joint degrees at HarvardBaker Scholar at Harvard Business School; Cum laude Harvard Law
             School, while married with two children.


       Layperson (non-paid) LDS head of a ward (= parish).  Stake President (over many wards)
       Missionary, also took over to improve the French mission, at young age
       Promotes and participates to benefit charities
             Donated his inheritance to Church foundation fund his father set up
             CityYear - Helped attract attention and donations; MS; boys and girls club; troops; cancer:
             Charitable trust he set up  (Tyler Charitable Foundation)
             Gave $7 million to charities, including $4.1 million to his church ($46 M income, 2 years)
      Kind Altruistic, Capable - Scan if you haven't already.
      Mitt Romney As A Hero

            Full on rescue of partner's daughter (video) (blog article) - Took extraordinary action.
            Rescue of family on lake, plus earlier some kayakers (article)

ISSUES (See his Plan, for each item; use this Plans Links/Directory.  Also, some videos are on the issues.  The issues are strictly fabricated and then repeated, whereas if you look deeper, into the provable, you'll see only an extraordinarily capable individual. For a good overview, see Contents/Links Romney.

He is not actually a flip-flopper - A manufactured label that has stuck, but without substance.  He has gradually solidified and modified his stands pretty quickly over a very few years of public service.   Once he evolves, he sticks to it - and does not flip-flop.  My conclusion: politicians have totally exaggerated.  Read this to see my analysis.

Bain Capital:  Ethics, Effectiveness, Jobs, Reality - Ethical, highly effective, fair (not mean!) - He has been falsely labeled, in the evilization process of politics.  He has always performed for his stakeholders.

An unnecessary, irrelant issue:  Why "Mormonism" Is Not A Threat (actually named The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints = "LDS") - Understand it first versus jumping to irrational conclusions, then use reasoning to decide if it is an issue. (It is not an issue and won't interfere with any other religion and not at all with the "job".  It has nothing to do with the famous cult that was formed separately, without authorization and under a "guise".)


1971   Valedictorian, BYU

1975   Graduated Harvard Law and Harvard Business, cum laude

1975   Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - He was thinking that working as a management consultant to a variety of companies would prepare him for a future job as a chief executive.

1977   Hired away by Bain & Company (consulting)

1984   Cofounded Bain Capital (Rescued businesses, start businesses, super excellent results for investors, which included pension plans, unions, etc.)

1991, Jan:  Hired back to save Bain & Company from financial collapse - Imagine the high opinion of him they must have had.

1992, Dec: After success at Bain (consulting company), returned to Bain Capital

Took leave, see below.

1999, Feb:  Left to serve as President/CEO of 2002 Winter Olympics; spectacular success.  (Asked to come and rescue the Olympics.)


He negotiated passive profit sharing on departure, never to return to or be involved in private
business, as he wished to serve the people, like his father did.

He took leave from private business while in business:

1993-1994 - Ran for Senate against Kennedy, biggest competitor to him, but lost due to a smear/innuendo about Bain. 

2002 election, 2003-2007 as Mass. Governor

2006-2008 - Preparing and running for Pres.


1981- 94 - Layperson over a "congregation" ("ward") and later, "stake president" over 12 congregations, while working full-time.


See, below, the

Time Line for his life and accomplishments.


RM BO Presidencies, Side By Side

Experience Side By Side

Obama At A Glance