There is no man on the political scene who can exceed his capability to solve problems, lead, and get things done - not just talk about them.  No one is more reliable.

The Boston Globe, a left-leaning organization, did a documentary on his life.  Many of the following are theirs.

Mitt Romney, Governor:  An Introduction (Promo, w/ facts) (10:01) - The story of Governor Mitt Romney.  A state in crisis, The budget deficit and huge problems, jobs leaving, saved state from job killing retroactive capital gains tax,   Put a team together to create a health care solution outside the box and with lots of creativity without a government takeover and without new taxes.   A good illustration of what can be done with the US.   Done with an 85% Democratic legislature.  Held the line for marriage as being between a man and a woman.  Ann discovered she had MS and how he always came to the rescue and support.  "Massachusetts is an overwhelmingly Democratic state.  To have a grown-up in the corner office, someone who doesn't let the children play with our tax dollars is a major asset..."

     Mitt Romney On Leadership (0:32) - A summary
     Mitt Romney Hero  (:32) - Saved my daughter.  Mitt has done alot of seeming impossible things but
          the most important was saving my daughter. (blog article, article on another rescue )

Childhood through a mission and Harvard (7:42) - Persistent in the face of tough challenges, soon rising to leadership at a very young age.  He impressed the French people greatly, with his friendliness. And a tragedy...where he was reported as dead. 

Romney, The Businessman (3) (6:42) - 150 employees managing $13 billion by the time he left in 1999.  Worked very well with others and came up with great solutions.  He was austere in spending (cheap).  Staples founded in a bold move and thorough analysis, showing his penchant for taking care of detail.  It began later to do  leveraged buyouts  using borrowed cash to buy existing companies, improve its profits and then sell it: like Dunkin' Donuts.   They switched from venture capital to LBOs to reduce the risks and to be better able to control what is good.  And sometimes to be true to the investors, they had to adjust costs (llosing some jobs as a part of the process, to make a profit, but in the long term creating greater good).    False ad at the last minute cut Romney's competitiveness with Ted Kennedy in election.  Today there are also a number of false characterizations to make him look heartless, but he is truly the opposite.  See Corporate Raider accusation and King Of Bain with 100% false content.

The Olympics Turn Around (5) - "These games will be held at the highest level of ethical conduct." 

The Evolution Of A Politician  - Courageous but hard to do with no political experience, leaving business for six months.  Foolish?  Or did it prepare him for much later?  As a complete unknown challenged Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, losing to a last minute smear., based on relative falsehoods and innuendoes.   Not very good in the debates.  But he did surprisingly well for a first timer, pulling almost even at one time.  Kudos from Giuliani for his saving the Olympics.  And then he learned enough to be Governor of Massachusetts.

Did Romney Actually Create Jobs? (CBS, 3:31) - Remarkable, superstar - Great successes, a few didn't survive though.  Steel industry had a dumping of China steel that forced the closing of steel mills, invested 100 million to turnaround but it went into bankruptcy protection [to reorganize] anyway.  (GS Steel did survive though, after bankruptcy reorganizattion; Romney had already left Bain before all this happened: 
See the Bain Capital page for more details.)

Mitt Romney - American Culture - What we need to preserve to reach our full greatness again.


The Romney Family (4) (6:06)  - And Ann's MS.
Ann: Love Story     (3:44) - See how he is with his family and when the cards are down: Character.   Integrity, intelligence, ability to see a problem and solve it, ability to work with people.
Mormonism and Politics - A person of faith, sharing the values of all Christians - and proving it with his behavior in life.  His ancestors renounced the practice of polygamy 100 years ago, though some people fail to realize that!    See Mormonism write-up to see why it aligns with all other Christian faiths at the essence.  Of course, Kennedy had the same problem.  Shows respect for separation between church and state - and there will be no instructions from the church (he never got a call from the church as governor. . 
At A Glance: Who Romney Is

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