For Romney to win, he must address the issues that have been made falsely.  This page is oriented toward that.  See Romney On National Issues in his plan.

The twistings and false labels have caused conservatives to believe he is, or potentially is, other than he actually is.   He Is Conservative and RomneyCare Is Conservative (applauded by Conservatives, before the false accusation that it caused ObamaCare, which it didn't!)  

He is Compassionate, Kind, Capable, contrary to the mischaracterization and "inferences" from what is made up about what he has done. 

A complete list of accusations, rumors, and mischaracterizations is at  A Complete Listing And Addressing Of Falsehoods.  Each of these is addressed.  Though some may say to let sleeping dogs lie (no pun intended), I think it is best to address each one, since they are "out there" and bound to have some influence.


The following is only for those wishing to go pretty much deeper.  It is written for those who would be campaigning for him, as I hope they do this, but I have no way of getting through to them to give them my two cents.  I think there is alot of potential in addressing the issues aggressively, clearly, and distinctly:  (The numbers are the weighting of importance.)


9 Ability to manage economy  Saved the Olympics, moved Mass. from deficit to surplus, business
     record.  Note the examples of how he has cut costs, balanced the budget, improve things, how
     he approaches problem solution and negotiates effectively for what works, with great strategies 

9 Electability against Obama - He is the most opposite in terms of ability to manage and get results.         Clarify what people want, not just to win but have President who is effective, redefine what will
      beat Obama that is unique to Romney
      Primary voters overweighted effect of Presidential debates and rhetoric
      Is he enough of a fighter?  Yes, but more in a rational, systematic way, never giving up.
      Can he debate Obama effectively?  (8 of 10 for Gingrich based on debates as important.)

7 Religion  (S.C. 7 out of 10 Gingrich votes based on sharing religious beliefs - but there are false
  perceptions there, as the Mormon Faith is aligned with all Christian principles and beliefs.)

7 Conservatism (People are not convinced he is a conservative, but he clearly is if we define it better. 

  Defuse your doubts through Is He Conservative Or Not?
       Clarify more Romneycare (Vs. Obamacare) and how it worked for Mass. and was practical
          alternative, clever way of devising it - shows how to design things, working with Dems shows              how to work with others.
          Abortion view - Pro-life
     6 Flip-flopper?  Or thinker and evolving...Definitely not a flip-flopper!!!  See Consistent AND
         Evolving, Not A Flip-Flopper.

7 Ruthless or very caring, false picture painted.  Facts are clear:  he is caring and kind
        He did not do the mean things in the ads - See Bain facts discussion. Also show how great a
            problem solver and manager he and committed to results.  Truly exceptional!
            (demonizing success)  (See Kind, Compassionate, Capable; Is He Really A Corporate Raider?

7 Truthfulness vs. twisting: Perception at level of truth (Gingrich used, effectively, a lie he knew was a lie or he was ignorant due to incompetence and/or not caring for the truth:  King Of Bain movie)

6 Connectedness:

     Show his humannness and his why Address what he feels emotional about
          He cares very much for people and is very much committed to helping them live better lives
     Wealth and how relate to ordinary people
          5  Don't apologize for wealth
          6+ Tax returns, release and handle and deal with later release 

5 Strength of Defense Of Himself

Do we want another person who has strong rhetoric and glibness?  Or a rock star?  Or a person who has never run anything.   Or a person who promises much and has great slogans?

Is Mitt a firer or a manager of effectiveness, a creator of success?

It is essential that there be a finger in the chest questioner of the strategies of his advisors and of what he will say.  He needs to show that he is certain, strong, and not wobbling.   
Clarify what the battle is with Obama, without high fallooting terms (soul of America)

Note to advisors:

There is a need to educate people further, as we cannot assume that they understand or that they have let go of a misperception (misperceptions accumulate and do damage)

      You need to address the issues and educate on them.

      And in each ad you need to tell them where to go for further information and understanding.  i

Although these are misperceptions that have an effect, they need not be permanent:

Address the issues of:

Wealth, privilege, out of touch
Exoticness of tax strategies
Hedging when talking about wealth, interpreted as being ashamed and guilty
Image as a corporate raider
Feeling he took them for granted, because of his inevitability assumption
Can he stand the type of attacks that "Ted Kennedy made
He is not comfortable doing attacks AND negativity hurts his image  
Use good advisor who is practical

    Frank Lutz on how you say it