(Comparison is below.)


It is preposterous and absurd to see Mormonism as a threat.  It is just another religion where people believe in it.

It is uninformed for anyone to believe that their religion is the one right one of all the religions - and it is nonsensical to not respect other religions if they advocate peace and living with good values.

The Mormon religion is one of the strongest religions in terms of the health of the believers and in terms of raising people with good values.  That is what any other religion would want for people, especially if the other religion was operating on Christian principles, for that is what Christ would reasonably want. 

There is no legitimate reason to discriminate against Romney for his religion.  If anything, we should be grateful that it has contributed to his having the high values he has and for his extraordinary living of his life - and all the good he has done and for his being a very, very altruistic man.

Much superstition and misunderstanding led to some religious groups opposing Romney for his LDS religion.  I think it is a question of religious tolerance, where other faiths should not hold themselves as the only right ones and certainly should not promote hate and opposition - especially without checking the facts!    And there is nothing at all for any religion to fear from The Church of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints - note that they are very active in encouraging and participating in interfaith activities

He will do no damage to the interests of other religions and will do good for all of them.  His track record is as a man of great principle and extremely high reliability.  And the church has a written tenet where it cannot interfere in Politics or government.

When he finally had to address this issue and the prejudice around it, he did a speech called "Faith In America".  Watch the Video - 10:25.  Also there is a Transcript )

Absolute separation of state and church:  He stated that he, as president, would decline directives from any church's hierarchies, including that of the LDS church.  The LDS church has committed to upholding the governing laws and the Constitution of the United States.

The same essence as all Christian faiths that are healthy and peace supporting.

The only difference I can see is the addition of a supposed record of religious history here in America, called the Book Of Mormon.  I think it reasonable to just accept this as just being an addition, for people to believe in if they wish, but one that has no affect on anything that would be done related to other Christian religions.  Each other Christian religion has something unique that they believe or practice and none need interfere with another - it would be unChristian like to do so!


Supporting the Constitution and adhering to the governing laws (a long time ago they stopped the polygamy, which was practiced in the Bible.  It was a financial necessity in the old world - and no moral rightness can be proven one way or the other, in my opinion.  Anyway, they do not allow polygamy.

A belief in the Bible as the word of God.
      A belief in the principles and values.

           Very, very strong on family values and actually implementing that value

A belief that Jesus Christ is the savior.


                                                                             LDS         OTHERS

Belief in the Bible as the word of God                         Yes           Yes
Belief in the principles and values of the Bible             Yes           Yes
Strong family values                                                 Yes          Most
Belief that Jesus Christ is the savior                           Yes          Yes
Do not allow polygamy (since 1897)                           Yes          Yes

Love acceptance and kindness                                  Yes          Most
Respect to other churches                                         Yes         Most
A unique aspect differentiating it from other                 Yes          Yes          

The only objection I could see is if somehow, fictionally, we could overcome the majority of people who favor pro-choice and the majority of people who favor some sort of legal union between gays.  No President, whether a super stubborn strict religionist or not, has the power to suppress the majority and to override them.  However, he can seek to persuade, but not through the use of force.  Electing Romney as President will only help swing things back to including higher values and would benefit the "religious right" but also benefit all Americans.

Until I spoke to several Mormons and other religions opposing gay marriage, I didn't "get it".  I voted for California allowing same-sex marriages.  Then I realized how sacred a thing it is to people who have honored it for thousands of years as being between a man and a woman, for particular purposes.  So, I see that we have no right to trample over other people's sacred beliefs.  I am now in favor of seeking a compromise of calling it something else, like a civil union.  Yes, I can see that gay people may object to it as being a lower level union and feel cheated, but they never had the right in the first place, so they haven't lost anything.  And they get all the legal rights and all the benefits, other than the name.   And the other people do not have their sacred beliefs infringed on or trampled on.   Make sense?

I have been exposed to Mormonism from a family background in it.   As such, I studied Mormonism a bit, but I could not believe in it.  However, I greatly, greatly respect its values and the good it does for family and the community. 

No involvement in politics as a church and no direction to the office holder

Romney, as he has told us, will not take any directives from the church, as by law, his elected position is above that.  That is also the church's policy. 

So there is not problem there or any worry for other religions or any people concerned with a possibility of interference.

See The Official Statement Of Political Neutrality

No, it is ridiculi to call them a cult!!!!!

And then, before I forget, there are among those who spread venom and/or misunderstand the accusation that it is a cult, implying some bad connotation.  While the community is exceptional in its support of each other and they take care of each other when needed, they only do tithing (which is done in many churches), go to church once or a couple of times a week, have Family Home Evenings, participate alot in interfaith activities and helping the community (exceptional in that way), live in their own homes and have normal jobs that they commute to.   They are just regular people trying to earn and living and to be good to other people.

Since the straight definition of a cult includes any group devoted to a religious belief, then all churches would be considered to be cults.  But it would appear that there is some defamation (not exactly brotherly love) is meant by the detractors, which I think are a relatively small percentage, though some people could shy away from anybody where they are made to be different, rather than recognizing what people have in common.

The malevolent definition includes things that harm their members and/or the community.

However, the LDS church does neither and is the opposite.

They do not: 

1.  Do mind control
2.  Restrict people from leaving or force them to do anything else
3.  They are never abusive.  In fact, they are the opposite.
4.  There is no demand of a total commitment (though as most churches they suggest it would be better for
    your soul, or spiritual life, or whatever.)

Don't confuse the LDS church with radicals that have formed their own "branches" but engage in things that the main church does not condone at all!   Like polygamy, which was banned by them in 1897. 

The Church's Abortion policy

Counsels its members to not get involved in abortions, except for rape, incest, jeopardy of life or health of the mother, and practical needs related to the fetus.

See Official Statement On Abortion.

Speech: Faith In
     Video - 10:25

Mitt Romney On The Bible - Video - .35 (although word interpretation may be different for each person)

Barbara Bush On Mitt   Romney's Religion