It is preposterous and unthinking to buy into the poltically twisting "he's a Massachusetts Moderate", for he is a true conservative, who can make progress that supports conservative value, because of his skills at getting things done and working with others (he had an 85% Democrat legislature, yet made huge advances into surplus and fixing a broken health care system).

Conservative principles, those being primarily

The importance of family,                               Yes!!!!! As shown in his life and support of it.
A small or limited government,                        Yes!!!! He even made businesses more efficient
A strong national defense                               Yes!!! Very strong on maintaining the ability at the highest
Free enterprise.                                             Yes!!! Of course!  That is where he was a miracle worker!

Conservative political positions:

Pro-life                                                          Yes!!! He educated himself more and chose that position
Judicial restraint                                             Yes!!! Judges should not make law.
Welfare reform                                                Yes!! Always an advocate for self responsibility
Immigration reform                                          Yes!! A very strong and practical position
Sanctity of marriage                                        Yes!!  Always. Preserve it and find another way that works
                                                                            for the gay community.
Moral character, consisten behavior                  Yes!!! Anyone who knows him well is highly impressed.

Conclusion:  A strong conservative, without a doubt. 
                   And makes sure that the best result is attained (such as supporting TARP to prevent financial

He looks at things in a practical way, where one adjusts to what is so at the time, operating for the greater good, as any sensible person would do.  He doesn't violate his principles AND he does accept what is so and then make the best of it.

He will

1.  Exempt all states from Obamacare and do his best to repeal it,

2.  Make government much more efficient

3.  Address all the financial issues and come up with workable solutions (that's his main skill!!!)

4.  Support pro-life and the discouragement of abortion

5.  Support marriage as being between a man and a woman,

6.  Has a great immigration strategy, based on practical logistics and conservative principles.

(Although it shouldn't come up, if the principles above are adhered to and given that he has proven moral character, religion gets mixed in there.   His religion, The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, is absolutely Christian plus it has a book about American religious accounts (called The Book Of Mormon).  There is nothing for evangelical or other Christians to fear.  Absolutely nothing!   Don' t buy into ignorance or prejudice!   Read Mormonism As A Faith.)

What caused Romney to be labeled not conservative?  Read this to see that he is falsely labeled.  Includes suppositions of:

Earlier statements misconstrued on some issues, plus he has evolved in his early governing experience.  (He only started in 2002!)

False labelling and attribution to RomneyCare, which his part was only to charge for "free riders".  See RCare and RCare Compared to OCare.

Conservatives need have no fear!

Only Romney is close enough to overtake Obama
Article by a super-conservative:

What's Their Problem
  With Romney? - Laying out what he has actually done and how conservative he is.