"He's deeply generous with both his time and his money when people need a lift.  It seems that everyone who has known him has a tale of his altruism, whether it's quietly funding a charitable cause or helping build a playground to honor the late son of a friend and neighbor.  And he is an authentically devoted husband and father, a commitment often honored by politicians more in the breach than in fact."      

                                                                     The Real Romney, Kranish and Helman (who are on the left)

I was moved to tears, as I read about his kindness and his giving to others, in the chapter entitled Family Man, Church Man in The Real Romney.  There couldn't be a kinder, more compassionate man in actions than Mitt Romney.

"Mitt Romney sympathizes with the needy, the disadvantaged and the misfits of society. He is capable of giving selflessly, living a life of devoted and compassionate service to others, as a healer, physician, social worker or minister."


Comes through in action, helping others, giving, making a difference.  At an extraordinary, extraordinary level.

     Many "stories of Roney's humanity and warmth..."

Worked for ten years of his life for $1/year, helping his state, the country, and even saving his old consulting  
   company partners from financial problems.

Set up $10 million charitable trust

Worked on combating hunger

"Sympathizes with the needy, the disadvantaged and the misfits of society." (Independent observation about

Look at what and who he has become: clean living, healthy, a constantly committed helper and fixer,

Stands for the highest values.


Concerned and caring in the way it counts
Very giving
Highest values, family man, integrity
Ten years given at $1/year
The past is predictive of the future
The definition of compassion
Examples laying out his motivation and character
More examples of extraordinary giving
His temperament and kindness
Frugal to the core
Exposure to the world
The "doggy tale" - the myth and the twistings 


Yes, sometimes he gets so focused and so intense on producing results that he doesn't really "connect".  He doesn't use any ruses or fake it or repeat statements, such as "I really feel your pain."  No one can really feel your pain, but they can support you in creating a better world - and that is Romney's passion, starting with the United States.


There is no one more committed than he to actually get the job done and not just do political rhetoric and manipulation.  He is a "no nonsense" guy - and he won't accept anything less than a significant success for you and for the United States.

Wanda Andrade Of Brockton, Massachusetts: "He Does The Right Thing, And I Like People Who Do The Right Thing." "A number of voters said they admired the governor's morality.  Wanda Andrade, 43, a Democrat and nursing assistant from Brockton, said she was a friend of Milena Del Valle, the woman who was killed in the Big Dig tunnel collapse.  Andrade was moved by what she described as Romney's kindness to the family.  'They were poor people, and he responded right away,' she said. 'He does the right thing, and I like people who do the right thing.'"  Boston Globe

Or the classic one where he gave an African-American lady money to pay her light bill off.  She appreciated it.  Others called it condescension and racism.  But, without mind reading, I call it kindness.

"Behind Romney's rather lighthearted, witty and restless demeanor described in the previous chapter, lies a sensitive, poetic soul. Mitt Romney may cover up his sensitivity with light banter and cleverness..."

See other quotes below, especially Mitt Romney Motivation.


He could be the President who has given the most to charity, in actual dollars most likely, but also percentagewise.  (The last two years:  16%.  Obama, 1% [gave more the next year]; Biden, 0.2%; Newt 2.6%)         _________________________________________________________________________________

We ought to look at what he does, not just rhetoric.


He is of absolute moral integrity.   He keeps his promises, even the huge commitment to his church.  He gives service  to others, including his church.  He is a strong Christian man of extraordinary integrity and countonability.


As head of the Olympics, as Governor, and even while rescuing Bain & Company, his salary was $1/year.

How many people give that much or even close to it????


He runs and works out, exhibiting the actual practice of doing what will work.  There is one candidate who would appear to have longevity problems.


He has performed extraordinarily no matter what it is and he has impeccable moral character.  The tendency to ignore the show of lack of moral character (while forgiving the past) is a huge mistake. 



Some people think it is "I feel your pain", which is, if it is genuine, really that person's pain and not yours. 

"Deep awareness of a human being's suffering coupled with the wish to relieve it."

Romney will do that, as probably the most effective President of all time.


"Mitt shows great sensitivity and empathy toward others."

"He is a lover and a peacemaker rather than a fighter, and he tries to avoid open conflict."

"Leading groups and classes and being involved in community efforts, social activities, events or movements are areas where Mitt Romney really shines and expresses his creativity. An awareness of politics or the larger social impact of individual actions comes naturally to him."

"Accepting people unconditionally regardless of their flaws, mistakes, or outward appearance. Mitt has deep compassion for the suffering of any fellow creature and he often feels the pain of others as if it were his own. Mitt Romney sympathizes with the needy, the disadvantaged and the misfits of society. He is capable of giving selflessly, living a life of devoted and compassionate service to others, as a healer, physician, social worker or minister. However, Romney tends to give indiscriminately, to let others take advantage of his kindness, and to encourage the weak to remain so by becoming dependent upon him. Mitt has little sense of boundaries, or of knowing when to say "no".

Yet, he will hold the line where it is critical to do so, with remarkable tenacity, standing for what is right.  He is much admired in business and/or moral situations.

Bob Dole:  “I think he’s got what it takes, with his proven business background, and his character is unassailed."  "We’ve worked with the White House on a couple of issues,” Dole noted, including combating hunger in the United States and around the globe.

"In an age of incivility, Mr. Romney’s “acts of kindness” are refreshing." 


A family in tragedy, and Mitt shows up providing "beyond anything he would ever hope to have".  Though many have been generous to this family, "the Romney's' generosity still stands out."

Ann, besides being a mother of 5, was "active in charities such as the United Way, workede with inner city youth, competed in equestrian events,and took on various responsibilities at church." 

Many "stories of Roney's humanity and warmth..."

When a meighbor's house caught on fire, he showed up quickly and organized the neighbors to rescue what they could, until firemen ushered them out.  The result:  Much was saved.

An associate who fell off a ladder while trying to knock down a hornet's nest:  Romney just showed up at 9:30 at night, hammer in hand, and knocked down the hornet's nest.

Many, many, many more examples.


In his relationship with Ann 'he never raised his voice."  He didn't blow up when Ann accidentally left the sunroof open so that the rain soaked the interior.  He so valued and revered what she did for him and their family.

"Mitt's not going to do something that they don't feel good about together."  They "never had an argument during their marriage, which sounded preposterous to the ears of many married mortals."  "He doesn't even contradict my mother in public." (op. cit.)


"Wearing winter gloves pathced with duct tape." (op. cit.)  "His sons urged him to buy a luxury car, but he refused, continuing to drive a dented Chevy Caprice Classic, nicknamed the Gray Grunt." (op. cit.)


"Those positions in the church [he gave lots of time and was in high positions of leadership] amounted to his biggest leadership test yet, exposing him to personal and institutional crises, human tragedies, immigrant cultures, social forces, and organizational challenges that he had never before encountered."

About his active involvement with minorites and other cultures:  "I just love those people


A great example of false conjecture and imputation lies in the repeated false rumor about Seamus the dog and the family trip with Ann and Mitt and the 5 children.  With no room left in the car, Mitt made a special "addition" for Seamus:  a customized "dog carrier, attached to the station wagon's roof rack."  To make sure it was comfortable, "he had improvised a windshield for the carrier."

On the trip, there was a miscalculation and/or the dog had the runs, so there was a rather gross "accident".  Romney cleaned it up immediately and handled the problem and got back on the road.

And just imagination the "stories" made up about this!  And they all were put out there, with little thought and probably some animosity, as people fabricated "evil intentions" and "meanness to animals" - all bullbleep!

He was actually very kind and caring with his dog, who they all enjoyed playing with. 

Mitt Romney Hero - Saved his partner's daughter (:32 video)

See the video sequence of his Life And Accomplishments.

See At A Glance.

Is he a Gordon Gecko or is that a lie? [He is the opposite!]

Read the script for The Real World News With John Coldbear:
The King Of Bain

See, at the bottom of this page:  A Doggy Tale.