As voters, it would make sense to have us be rigorous enough to know the difference between innuendoes, labels, etc., and the truth, using reasoning and facts before we come to conclusions.

Look not at the labels, but at his actual results.  He "walks the talk" in what he actually does in life.

Extraordinary man, extraordinarily effective ("the most qualified leader I've ever seen run for the Presidency of the United States" , "the best businessman in North America")
A man of unquestionable moral character and family values.
Charitable giving is high, altruistic (See Kind, Compassionate, Capable.)
A man of unquestioned high moral behavior
Brings people together to get results
A proven extraordinary record of getting results and turning things around, being rational and analytic (Track Record).

Political twisting, that is royal fibbing, but historically it works - unless the people look deeper.

[See, if interested, the politics underlying these:  The Axelrod Tactics, showing the manipulations and answering the accusations.  

He's not conservative, a Massachusetts moderate - He is conservative - and his accomplishments prove it.  See Conservative Or Not? 

     RomneyCare created ObamaCare (somehow) - RomneyCare was totally based on conservative principles
         and was lauded by Conservatives before ObamaCare was created and made huge alterations from the
         model plan for a state. RomneyCare Contrasted With ObamaCare and RomneyCare Was A Great
         Conservative Accomplishments, including quotes from respected Conservatives. This accusation has
         succeeded in having people, wrongly, doubt Romney's being conservative.

Not authentic.  I'm not sold on his authenticity.   Yep, you haven't been "sold" by him, but you've bought into false assertions.  Thinking he flip-flops, when he doesn't actually and has arrived solidly at where he is.  Look at how the interpretations of the Flip-Flops are false accusations .  Look at how he is the most consistent in walking his talk (Track Record and his actions: Kind, Compassionate, Capable).

I just don't connect with him.  (My initial response is "so what", he is not going to be your minister or lover, as he will be the guy at the top working for you.)  I suggest you look deeper into how he thinks.  Yes, he is off in the intellectual wonderland, as he is rarin' at the bit to go out and fix things - and his brain is a bit ahead of his speaking.  He hasn't created a "persona" of "I feel your pain", but he is absolutely passionately committed to making others better off and reducing suffering wherever he can.   And a subpart of all of this:

     He is "different" - Hopefully this is not based on prejudice.  Yes, he has created great wealth for himself
         and benefitted alot of others in the process, so he is living a different life.  But that doesn't mean that he is
         a heartless cruel person who doesn't care.  He does care.  He does follow the law.  He doesn't cheat.  He
         follows the rules.  He is of the highest moral character.  I don't give a hoot if he is different.  More power to
         him for being a model of what one can accomplish.

Doesn't care about common man, just a rich guy - See his track record of caring deeply, "the proof is in the pudding" (10 years at $1/year for serving  his fellowman; lots of altruism) - See Kind, Compassionate, Capable, with examples. He is the opposite of uncaring.  [Variations:  "Doesn't connect", meaning he doesn't care (Not!]

     I am not concerned about the very poor.  Out of context, so it is false.  He said “I’m not concerned about
         the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it."  And that is a promise he will keep,
         I guarantee it!   (He also said he's not concerned about the rich, but he is concerned about all Americans
         and will focus on fixing the middle class, who have no safety net.
Flip-Flopper - The label is so incredibly misleading and untrue - and could be applied better to Obama (Obama Flip-Flops).  Strictly made-up small differences in words or a one-way shift (not a flip-flop) to new decisions.  The core beliefs are the same, unless, of course, there is something learned, but then retained, not flipping or flopping it back.

The man has no core - Actually he has specific, strong values and proof in his actions. He laid out a detailed plan, so his core is fully known - it is available for you to read.  This is a "twisting", based alot on the "flip-flop" label that is falsely placed on him.   Except for his creative problemsolving, he is totally reliable and predictable in his core behavior. See Romney's Core Principles and his Plan (linking into what is of interest).

Heartless corporate raider (Gordon Gecko) - Not!   He did his job and broke no laws, made no illegitimate loans and never intended any harm.  He did have to lay off some people so that the companies could survive and save the jobs that remained.  See at least:  King Of Bain, where there was 100% provable falsities.  He is the absolute opposite.  See Kind, Compassionate, Capable.
Mormons aren't Christians, and there is something to fear there - Incredibly not true; there is no interference at all.  See how the church lines up with other Christian churches:  The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (LDS).   He has and does keep that separate, representing all the people, as proven in Massachusetts.

Doggygate - He fashioned a windshield for Seamus, with no room for him inside with 5 kids and 2 adults in a station wagon.  The dog was quite happy with it, and only one time did he have his diarrhea problem.  People who project otherwise cannot be experts when they weren't there - and it is ignorant to project onto anyone or any dog a particular set of feeling or intentions.

I love to fire people.  Again, strictly out of context.  It was about firing insurance companies that didn't do a good job for you.  The choice and the freedom to choose are the key points he is making here!  It is amazing how the press makes a big issue out of this and is willing to excerpt harmful quotes and use them out of

Corporations are people.  Subject to misinterpretation, but if you take the next sentence you can't miss the actual meaning:  "Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people."  True, and simple.  (Corporations don't exist in a vacuum, separate from people; corporations are a form of raising capital in large enough amounts to create more efficiencies; they are the backbone of the economy, a means to the end, not an evil; as with any large organization a few need to be stopped from excess use of power.)

Cadillacs, houses, a little bit in speaker's fees... - So what if he lives a life that is "large" because of his having created such wealth!  He contributes mucho, mucho to charities and helps alot of people directly, as one of the most altruistic people I've ever read about.  And if his speaker's fees are relatively small compared to his total gargantuan income, that is just relativity and nothing else.  Of course, he will be saying things that are not the usual thing for people to say, as most people are not in his situation.  But the key is that he cares for people - big time!


Obama's Dishonest Ads - Dems even called it that way 

Voting Intelligently

Rational Decision

Good sources of fact,

          WHAT IS SAID, INSINUATED                                              THE TRUTH

Heartless, mean, vulture economics                         Ultra Kind, Very Altruistic, Very Capable
                                                                            Bain - Saving jobs, proper economics, helping pensions -
                                                                                 and GM bailout was done the same (14,000 jobs lost
                                                                                 to save the company).

Romney would let Detroit go out of business.            Article titled by NY Times, actually said "managed
                                                                                 bankruptcy reorganization"
Nobody would have financed in bankruptcy.              Facilitate finances with "government loan guarantees",
                                                                                 once the restructuring is sufficient for safe profits