His core principles (and his core) are very clear and very strong.  These are what I gather from his materials:


These I will absolutely honor and commit to:

I must operate to benefit those people who I represent for their greatest good.  (Ethics)

To govern to truly represent all the people and not special interests and not political interests.  (Ethics)

Must protect the safety of the citizens, including from the abuse of power.

Free market and the market process working, which includes no excessive regulations      and creating a better business environment to have the economy and the American  
   people prosper.

Free trade, but fair trade

Have a minimum sized, effective government.

We have a moral responsibility to not spend more than we take in - and to not spend any more than the minimum of the people's moneys.

Seek the best and the brightest and utilize them most effectively.

Strength in our defense system, to provide the highest safety level without compromise

To work with others to negotiate and devise what works, compromising as necessary to get the best result I can. 

To aggressively prioritize and attack problems and to fix them rapidly.

No interference between the government and religion.

To protect life and to assure that choosers are fully informed, recognizing reality. 

To have equal rights for all.  

To not do stupid things.  To think them out and use prudence.

There are others, but these represent the strong overlaying of the key principles upon which the others are based.