Obama's ads, though he didn't initiate them, are the responsibility of Obama, as he is keeping untrue ads out there.  His level of dishonesty is not something I find acceptable in a President. 

I find this to be disgusting.  I agree with Cory Booker (Newark's Democrat mayor) "it is nauseating." 

Could you vote for somebody who allows these deceptive ads and is dishonest about all of this for political purposes - and then, after proven wrong, continues to keep them on a site for the campaign????

Somebody is counting on the lack of knowledge of the public and being able to fool them.

See Private Equity 101, to understand, quickly.  (Share it with your legislative representative.)



Lanny Davis, Prominent Democrat, Special Counsel To Bill Clinton 

"Romney wasn't even there when that went down.  That plant was about to go into bankruptcy before Bain bought it and brought it back and, in fact, created jobs.

So, the ad is MISLEADING because it OMMITTED those FACTS apart from the fact that the person at Bain at the time is currently an Obama bundler!" 

Steve Rattner, President Obama's car czar

Rattner was a guest on MSNBC's Morning Joe and, when asked, said he felt that Obama's anti-Bain ad was "unfair."

Rattner, after all, is best known as President Obama's car czar.  So such criticism was viewed as evidence that Obama's attack on Bain was so OUTLANDISH that even one of the President's strongest allies couldn't stand by it.  YouTube 

"Nothing they have to be embarrassed about.

Obama Advisor Steve Rattner notes that capitalism inevitably leads to some job losses and to portray that as evil is not appropriate.

Managing money mostly for foundations, for endowments, for pension funds on behalf of exactly the people Rick Perry thinks he’s trying to harm, and they had a great record with 80 or 90 investments, all of which made a lot of money for their investors… and he did it in a perfectly honorably, appropriate way. … – Steve Rattner, on “Morning Joe”  12 jan 2012

Cory Booker, Democratic Mayor of Newark, New Jersey:

I think Mitt Romney, not only had a very successful career throughout business, but Bain Capital is a terrific, first class firm
Cory Booker Criticizing Obama Ad

Harold Ford, Jr., former Democratic senator

"Private equity is not a bad thing."  

Private Equity 101 - Understand quickly, to see evilizing is deceptive.
Job Saver? - How many created?

The Dishonest Ads:

GST  - And an interesting interview with the facts versus the gross dishonesty, video interview:  CEO., Bain Capital the gold standard in ethics... 


Outsourcing - Vicious!
Dramatically misleading and false.

See the actual stories of what Mitt Has Done:

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