If we do not use our reasoning powers and if we do not objectively look at facts, we cannot possibly make good decisions.  The "fighting" and labeling of the people on the other side as "evil", "stupid", etc., is a sign of ignorance - and it will never lead to the great progress that is possible with cooperation and the use of our innate intelligence.  See Rational Decision Making.


Would you hire someone because

___ 1.  He is just like you
___ 2.  He has the same church
___ 3.  He is an exciting orator
___ 4.  He promises alot and paints a rosy future.

Bonus question:

___ 5.  He has no or insufficient experience to do the job but you like him and/or his promises.
___ 6.  He has a bad track record but you like him
___ 7.  He seems correct in blaming others for not doing what he wants.


Would you hire someone who...

___ 1.  Is highly qualified for the job.   (And you considered the Qualifications For Being President.)
___ 2.  Has substantial experience doing the functions you want
___ 3.  Receives rave reviews, based on results, not just promises or rhetoric
___ 4.  Is a super accomplisher but sometimes is not very exciting in his oratory.
___ 5.  Of very strong moral character.

The first decision is whether to decide based on the first set of questions and answers or to decide on the latter set.  We want the best results for ourselves, and, at least to some extent, for others, but especially our future generations in our families.  It seems obvious which criteria to use, but we tend to make emotional decisions and/or take the easy way - but that is not what we want when we are at our highest selves.

Of course, we would like all of these in our candidates, but we must hire them for the best benefit for us, especially if there is a huge difference in the qualifications, as we cannot afford to do j"on the job training" and to delay getting productivity that long. 

This is the year that one's selection will make the greatest difference.

It, for sure, is a safe bet to say that there are too many people who favor gay marriage to have an amendment banning gay marriage.  But there is a good chance for civil unions and equal rights, but it'll have to be on a state by state basis.  And there is no chance of having abortion rights eliminated.  So in those regards, it makes no difference having a Democrat or a Republican.  We want the one who will do us the most good.

Right to work is a state function, though the possible bias toward labor by the Federal Government might affect the balance a bit.  But Romney would create greater new wealth for us all anyway.


What is our greatest need right now, the one that makes everything else possible?

Obviously it is to fix the finances:

1.  Handle the economy for growth - and the pockets that need uplifting
2.  Balancing the budget by cutting out the excessive spending
3.  Handling the National Debt before it gets too far out of hand
4.   Dealing with and balancing out Social Security and Medicare
     A.   Deal with the current $35+ trillion of unfunded, but owed, liabilities


To do this, we need to do at least some fact-based, logical thinking (aka critical thinking).

1.  What are the facts versus the stuff made up in politics?
2.  Align those with the qualifications needed for the position.  (See Comparing The Candidates.)


If we don't, then we'll slip further into the abyss.

Consider being open-minded about this, as we do not want to end up cutting off our nose to justify our face.
Or to hold onto being right about a small thing (which, of course, is a BIG thing to us) and make a bad choice?