This is my assessment, based on lots of thought and research.  However, any well-reasoned factual input that would help this to be better is welcomed.  (As is the theme of this and my other commentary sites, only good communication will create the gains we would like, while the contentious, reactive communication will only hold us in place, in our righteousness, which is harmful.)

Romney's Presidency will produce a dramatically better economic effect and future for all Americans, reemphasizing American values.. It will require actual work ethic and strategic planning to match jobs and needs effectively.  The care of the unable/disabled will be systematized and much more effective.  He will review and shore up the system to cover the poor, but will discourage dependency.
systematic and effective on having education match skills needs and future growth.  Romney is Mr. CEO, Mr. Effectiveness, Mr. Altruistic.

Obama will enrcourage redistribution and not be able to cut back on spending, appealing to those who feel society is unfair.  Social divide will be encouraged.  Higher taxes on middle class are unavoidable, since people above 200K/250K have total income of only    .
There will be a stronger divide in Washington as he struggles to preserve spending, have government do more things.   Probaby good for education, but lack of effectiveness structure will lower the results.  Obama is Mr. Compassiionate Community Organizer, Mr. Redistribution and Social Justice, Mr. Invevitable High Taxes.

Many people are afraid of disturbing the status quo, but Romney will deal responsibly to build our strength and viability.  Many people are holding onto Obama because of the fear of loss of women's rights, for fear of the Republican group that is against abortion.  But there is no possible threat to abortion rights, nor to gay rignts.  The only difference between the two will be in encourageing self-responsibility and creating the freedom to grow, along with a greater work ethic.

It's not about voting against Obama, as he did as well as he could, given his training and knowledge.  Even if he was "ok", the real point would be to look to the future and decide if "ok" is enough or whether we want true excellence that will build a huge strong foundation for the future.  See Quik Obama/Romney Contrast Overview, cutting away all the extra brush to go to the essence.

See also:  Grading Romney Obama On The Issues.     If interested, see the Comparison Of Candidates, including the other Repub candidates.

                                                                                 See for quicker summary:   Quik Obama/Romney Contrast Overview


    Spending and tax effect


     Debt (Level affects economy,
          plus interest depletes it

     Social Security (disability runs out 2016)



    Oil independence, jobs, gdp growth                                      

    Larger government-->lower economic growth  


    Taxes - (Higher slows economy)    

    Growth in jobs by business growth 

    Immigration system improved

    Capitalism v. socialism

     Efficient, effective, smaller

     Working with other party, cooperation

     Political environment 


     Poor/unable, taking care of

     Abortion rights (locked in!)

     Gay rights (Predetermined path)


     Entitlement vs. self-responsibility, work-ethic

     Illegal immigration


The above would naturally be expected from past results, past orientations, and experience.  See

Comparison Rating Of The Candidates  (and Qualifications For Being President)
Romney Obama Experience Side By Side  
     Obama Interview With Selection Committee For Presidency 
Predicting The Presidencies Of Each Candidate  
     Predicting Obama's Second Term Results And Behavior 
     Predicting Romney's Results And Behavior 

Romney Predicted


McFrugal, effectiveness, streamlines very well, lower spending = lower tax


Rigorously address, efficiency ethic brought in

Rigorous planner;  workable long term plan, voted on by both parties
A workable long term plan, voted on by both parties

A-B (depends on cooperation)

Very high priority and implementation

Consolidate, streamline alot

Streamlines, prioritizes, weighs, do only effective ones

Adjust deductions, lower rates w/more benefit to middle class

Business freed up, growth ethic, renewed business ethic

Keep high-education students, restrict immigration to needs, effective stable guest worker program

Self-responsibility, create, progress

B (hard to crack)

His forte, high effect!

Works well with others, incl. 85% Democratic Leg. in Mass.

Will be speaking in terms of results, how can we work together


Effective/efficient system to cover those who are unable, absolute concern
Impossible to change

No change, it is a state issue, gradually move (civil unions, some "m")

Efficient, high focus on key most vital targets, very effective

More self-responsibility required,

Law/order, stop illegal hiring only, good stable work permit system

Will do what is effective, assure healthy standards, weigh the trade-offs, assure Americans are not hit with too high of costs, he is scientifically tuned in
Obama Second Term Predicted


Very little restraint once re-elected, higher taxes for middle class is inevitable


Doesn't know what to do, but advisors should help, reluctance to take away anything will hold spending up
Only address if forced to, never provides a plan
Only address if forced to, too politically charged so doesn't deal with it

C-D (C - If can be moved to center)

Lowered oil fed land permits 40%, opposes traditional oil, impractical
Likely to be slow, but slightly positive

Increased massively, attitude stuck

Will try to "redistribute" via "fair" share, but public not realize taxing rich won't provide enough

Tries to restimulate through spending, not very business friendly

Won't deal with it, too political

Redistribution, tax the rich, unfair, attribute unfairness to business, etc., has vague concept of capitalism being helpful.


His weakness, but will be forced

Fight with others, call self "warrior for middle class", etc.

Likely to continue blame, excuses, labels, uncivil language


Probably too well-covered, not efficient

Make it an issue, but no change

Make it an issue, but no change,
gradually move  (civil unions, some "m")

His best area, compared to Romey not as efficient, by far

Still "Obama Bucks", redistribution, unfairness idea, not encourage self-responsibility as solution, fault of the wizard behind the curtain

Will be weak on this, too politically sensitive, go for bulky hard to implement plan.  (He promised 1st yr. action last time)  Will not enforce the law.

Will be adamant here, waste $ on items not cost effective nor adequately forwarding, intention spoken to increase energy costs so much that alternative energy will be forced.