There is so much more that people who actually know him and have looked objectively at his abilities, extraordinary competence, and exceptioinal moral character.  Here, I'm attempting enough of a sampling so that you, if you wish, can get a good solid idea of who he is and what he can do for us as President Of The United States.

Video (9:29):  Mitt Romney, Leadership And Praise Ability to execute, by far the most qualified.  Pretty well summarizes Romney's record and character.  Guts, ability, courageous, negotiator, the best manager of anyone running.  Even quotes Lee Iacocca, Demint, and lots of others...

Praise For Romney (some excerpts, go to the link for some others):

Chris Christie:  "Mitt Romney is the only candidate". (Also video)

Former partner, on saving his daughter's lifeMitt Romney Hero (Video)

Jack Welsh, legendary businessman:  As far as competence is concerned, this guy knows how to turn things around. Knows how to run things... As far as you asked me raw competence, Mitt Romney is the best guy running. I would go with him." (Video - Romney is the most qualified leader I've ever seen run for Presidency Of The United.  Also on CNN.)

Jim Cramer, financial advisor:  The Best Businessman In North America! (Video)

Dennis Hastert, Former Speaker::  Well, I think he's a person who has first of all Government experience, he was Governor of the state of Massachusetts, he had a huge majority against him on the democratic side, yet he was able to balance the budget, pass meaningful legislation. I think he has the ability to do it. He has the business experience to do it. He took on the Olympics, turned that around and made it a success. I think he's a dynamic person and I think he has the values that certainly middle America expects. The people that I represent. Video

Newt Gingrich:  "Romney's record turning around the Winter Olympics which was spectacular, his record as a very successful business leader, his record as governor of a very, very Democratic state - he's an impressive guy." (Video)

John McCain:  His former rival endorses him as the best candidate.

Jon Huntsman, Sr., superethical billionaire: Gifted leader.  Ideal person to be in the White House. Video

Fraser Bullock, former partner at Bain Capital: "He makes decisions based on researching data more deeply than anyone I know. As people get to know him better, they'll see an extremely competent, strong leader."

Marsha Vickers, Fortune senior writer:  Everything I know about Romney speaks very well of that.  
Paul Ryan: Look at what he put out! This is a great development

Pat Buchanan, Conservative political commentator, past candidate for President:  Everything I know about Romney speaks very well of that.

William Weld, Former Massachusetts Governor:  He knows what he needs to do and he’s focusing on it with laser-like intensity... He sounded not just like a presidential candidate. He sounded like a president."

Michael Grimm: ..leadership that is reinforced with the right balance of private sector and executive experience. Governor Romney epitomizes that balance

Read the Others

See MittRomney.com for Governor Haley, Senator Thune, George H. W. Bush, etc.

Why Mitt Romney  Video compilation

See also, if you wish, the Endorsements page.

He has the greatest number of endorsements of any candidate..