The scene:  A professional "board of advisors" ("A")  interviewing candidates for the job of the CEO of the largest organization in the world.

A:  Welcome, Mr. Obama.

Let's get right down to business.  What is your experience?

O:  I was editor of the Law Journal at Harvard Law School.
I was a community organizer.
I was a state senator for 6 years.
I was active as a US Senator for 2 years and then I've been working on campaigning for this job.  Can you hear my supporters out there?  I have given some great speeches, including a marvelous one at the last Democrat Convention, for which I was lauded as a future leader.

A: Well, ahem, you expect to get the highest job in the world and you're only a few years out of being a state senator.  Well, ahem, that would be a meteoric rise wouldn't it?  And you'd have to somehow be able to manage a huge organization, without experience or education in the area.  How are you going to do that?

O:  Oh, I'll do it.  I offer hope and change.  I promise that this country will have a new era of us all getting along, taking care of each other, eliminating adversarial politics, alternative energy and solving global warming...

A:  Well, ahem, OK.

Now, who would you hire to help you in your job?

O:  Well, I believe in doing good for the world.  I'd hire Van Jones, a great advocate for social justice.  I would hire people that are behind the cause and no people with business experience per se.  I will lead the people for social change and assure that they all have healthcare and enough money.  I'll be quite generous and I'll rescue as many people as possible, and be kind of a beneficent father figure. 

A: Well, ahem, how do you expect to run a country with people with no experience in running things?

O:  Oh, I'll have a couple of good economists.  I'll help the country prosper and I'll cut the deficit in half and I'll work on redistributing the wealth so that it is more fair and eliminate the fat cats and tax the companies that are making too much money. 

A: Well, ahem.  Well, Mr. Obama, thank you for coming in.  We'll consider your application, Mr. Obama, and then we'll let you know.


He leaves. 

There are quizzical looks among the members, some shrugging their shoulders. 

"He sure is a good guy, but it is the wrong job for him.  But he does have admirable chutzpah.

He would be great as an advocate for social causes and possibly one of the great Senators in terms of advocating for causes.  After seasoning, he might be good for Secretary Of State, but he may be too inflexible and impractical to do that, so let's cross that off..  Yep, he would be a great Senator or community organizer type at some high level and one heckuva an inspirational leader, though he'd need somebody else to run things. But as far as being President, he is not even remotely qualified..."