I caution you not to hire someone just because you like him or his religion or whatever, but to hire him to get the results for the country - and not to engage in wishful thinking.  We cannot afford to sell ourselves short on this. 

In the second box, we pull out those things that really matter. Let's "settle" for someone who can just let us know what is going on and the facts that will help us decide how to vote and/or what to push our representatives for - and then manage it to fruition.  (Like Romney had to do in Massachusetts, where he went to the citizens to present the case, to influence the 85% Democratic legislature.)

What do you agree with?  Is there anything you should let slide?  Will you hire a person to be President who doesn't meet all the requirements? 

For every 1000 men with good ideas, just give me one who can implement!

JOB DESCRIPTION:           Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Of The United States, and
                                         Commander In Chief over the armed forces

PRODUCT TO PRODUCE:   Prosperity, safety, freedom and the well-being of the people
                                         Fiscal soundness, assure safety nets and the benefits for seniors



___  Experience in the real world to prove he/she actually has the knowledge and cability necessary to do
       the job, with excellence!

       We cannot hope.  We cannot afford to do "on the job training" or to just provide experience for someone.
       They must have experience, wisdom, an overview on how management works, and the ability to run
       We cannot settle for less.

___  Ability to govern effectively, to be a CEO of the largest entity in the world.

        He/she must run the government to produce the results the stakeholders desire.
        He/she must have the ability to put policies into effect and to assure they are followed, to require
           accountability, and to have all the departments be run effectively.

___  Ability to make decisions, effectively and systematically.

        Does not delay, push off, or avoid decisions, regardless of how challenging the situation/problem

___  Ability to inform people for good decisions   

       The voters and any stakeholders must be provided with explanations and sufficient information for them
           to make good decisions, and then the CEO must make sure they are implemented (or persuade the
           stakeholders otherwise, but always honor their final decision).                                                  

___  Ability to work with others in cooperation toward compromise and solutions

       Has done this under difficult situations
       Takes full responsibility for results and doesn't engage in complaining or blaming.

___  Ability to gather and use experts      

       Discriminate as to what is fact and rational vs. what is assertion and conjecture, to utilize what they say,
          to synthesize, to ask questions, then to knowledgeably make decisions and bring it all together and
          to then implement them. 

___  Ability to plan and make rational decisions, and implement them

       Decides goals, provides specifics and the steps to implement goals, in writing.
       Assures follow-through and accountability for results 
___  Excellent character relative to the items that matter, not just "politically"

___  Will not act against country's best interests or let political motives and cronyism rule over benefits to
       the stakeholders in the US.

       Must not bias decisions to return favors or to artificially rationalize something that is a personal "cause"
         of his/hers.

___  Persistence and consistency

      Persists through obstacles and barriers to get results, not giving up or complaining.
      No erratic behaviors, no temperamental behavior
      No introduction of personal beliefs nor trying to impose them on others.  Acts only in the best interests of
         the country.

___ Meets ALL qualifications and the rating of the level of ability and integrity to get the job done.

An example of applying these criteria to the actual candidates:

The Candidates

Of course, to apply these we must rise above our natural tendencies:

Primitive, Reactive Psychology In Politics 
HAVE IT ALL:   We want

   Alot in common with me
   Understands my problems
   An advocate of our side
   Incredible stamina
   Able to run the biggest entity in the world
   Consistent and very reliable
   An ideal figure
   Intensely wants good for all Americans

Anything unrealistic or too idealistic here? 

Of course. 

High stamina, health
Able to run the biggest entity in the world
Consistent and very reliable

Intensely wants good for all Americans
   Doesn't run his own agenda over that