Time to extoll Romney's good points and extinguish the false accusation and assumptions

        - and not ignore them, as they seem to persist, unless extinguished.

But first, let's identify them. (Go to Main Listing And Addressing Falsehoods for the items.

It is vital to target the right audience long term:  the independent, swing voters who will vote for Romney overwhelming if they understand his record, capabilities, and the facts.

The false unfavorables must be handled and the favorables increased until well over 50%.

Must do:  (Leverage, leverage, leverage...)

Places to go to learn and be exposed to:  Romney would mention frequently where to go.

    YouTube quikvideos on a specific channel (meanwhile, see Sequence Of Videos On Romney's Life And
    A place on the web to go for answers, mentioned by the candidate every time

Maximum use of the media (besides ads)

    Need more "surrrogates" (!!!!!) on the stump to extoll his virtues.
    He has to go on talk shows at least 7 times a week, for people to get to know him

Show what he would be like as President

    Express what he would do about any issues.

Here lies the fatal flaw if this is not addressed:  Romney's failure to address and dispel concerns among Americans.  It is not good political reasoning to just hope they'll just go away somehow.

In my opinion, it is now time to extoll Romney's extensive good points and to extinguish the false accusations and assumptions.  There is plenty of powerful examples from Mitt's life that will impress people - I believe he is the most qualified man ever to run for the Presidency.

And the lingering untruths must be addressed thoroughly and immediately, and not shied away from in fear of bringing attention to them.  See the answers I propose.

I say immediately because there is a surge, again, of a nice-guy, righteous, lawyer/politician who is light weight in experience of running things - and that surge is right before the all important Super Tuesday, which will be influenced strongly if Santorum pulls off Michigan (and especially if he knocks off Arizona).  People have not thought out the consequences of having Santorum in office.

Also, there must be answers that are findable on the website, so Romney can refer to them for deeper back up.  And brief YouTube videos (not big productions) that deal with each issue.  Plus copies of any great speeches he has given, written and in video.  There must be a specific channel on YouTube so people just go to the channel when entered in the search engine.    This is a matter of marketing - and old political ways of dealing with such things are no longer appropriate


"Voters have over the past few weeks absorbed at least some of the Mitt-related headlines plastered across their local papers and parroted on their local news: that he profited off of dying companies at Bain Capital; that he pays an effective tax rate of only 14 percent; that he’s buried his assets in the Cayman Islands; that he likes to fire people; that he’s willing to spend tens of millions of dollars tearing down his fellow Republicans;
image of a plutocratic corporate candidate - have been turning away from Romney en masse."

Rust Belt types—a new Public Policy Polling survey shows that the percentage of Ohioans who disapprove of Mitt (56 percent) is now twice as high as the percentage who approve (28 percent)—

Some have argued that the attacks on Romney’s career at Bain Capital will leave the nominee mortally wounded.   See the discussion on it and the skit about the 100% disproven accusations in King Of Bain.

I would tend to agree with Charles Krauthammer, however, that the dynamics of this particular nomination race are more likely to harm than help Mr. Romney if the battle is extended for some time. The lack of discipline among the rest of the Republican field has been a real boon to Mr. Romney overall, but it is also leading to some unfocused attacks against him that may resonate more with independent voters than among actual Republicans.

"The reason, they say, is his failure to dispel concerns among Americans, especially independents and swing voters, that he is an aristocratic, out-of-touch millionaire who is more interested in turning profits for corporate America than creating jobs for everyday people.

The effects of the negatives have especially been strong among independent and swing voters - which are the crucial players in determining who is the next President. 

Too far

"Romney’s never been the kind of candidate to draw legions of screaming fans, but new polling over the last week show a troubling trend for him — his personal favorability numbers are taking a hit. On Tuesday Public Policy Polling (D) showed Romney with a favorability split well into the negative, with 35 percent of general election voters seeing him positively and 53 unfavorably. On Wednesday, the Pew Research center released similar numbers: a 33 - 47 split nationally."

This is clearly not based on truth - AND it is unacceptable (unacceptable that it not be dealt with asap!).


Right now, Santorum is maximizing the media, as was Gingrich.  This has as much or more power than the ads.  

When we meet a few people in person that is generally positive, but it is not good if there is another way to leverage oneself over the media.  (Of course, we have to adjust for the impact level.  However, most people who go to meet the candidates will be either already decided or will be the exception, as it takes effort and time to go.  The independents (swing voters) will hardly be reached at all - and that is the critical mass that is needed to elect a President.  Targeting the right audience is critical!!)

We need more surrrogate!!!!! to extoll his virtures, to have a virtual armada moving forward.  A super team out there visiting the media.

Miscellaneous notes for integration later.

he has dealt with these perceptions so poorly

Mitt Romney’s position in the Purple Electorate has weakened slightly over the past two months. In September, 32% of Purple state voters had a favorable view, with 39% holding an unfavorable view. Today, his favorability has decreased by 2 points (30%), and his unfavorable level has increased by 6 points (to 45%).

Mitt Romney's tax rate has become an issue in the Republican primary -- he released his taxes Tuesday, showing he paid a 14 percent federal tax rate for 2010 but will likely pay about 15 percent this year  more than half of independents want capital gains and dividends taxed at the same rate as wages

I’m not ashamed to say I was successful in doing it.”
"He doesn't have the demeanor or the charm to get past all this. Americans don't begrudge him his wealth but he embodies the way the very wealthy use their influence in the political system to avoid paying their fair share."

Romney has come under attack from Democrats for paying a federal tax rate of only about 15 percent, for putting money in foreign bank accounts often used as tax havens, and for using predatory practices while he directed Bain Capital, a private-equity firm. This may not seriously damage Romney among conservatives, but the charges will hurt him with moderates and liberals in the fall campaign if he is the nominee, Democratic strategists say.

At the Bain management consulting and equity investment companies, Romney made a reputation as a problem-fixer, an aura enhanced by his role in cleaning up the scandal-plagued Salt Lake City Olympics and his penchant for 59-point job plans.

But Romney’s role in the private sector was as a ruthless efficiency machine, a downsizer and outsourcer — in short, his critics say, a job-killer.

Romney can counter, with justification, that making companies more efficient assures their survival and long-term growth. But as an empathetic message, it’s just a notch more winning than “Let them eat cake.”

“would see the need to rescue the economy under a fellow Republican’s presidency, and sheer political expediency would trump all.” Romney constantly points that as governor he worked across party lines to balance the budget.

The old Romney is not going to reemerge, but a moderate might console himself that Romney is unlikely to spend a lot of energy on rolling back the tide of civil rights. That’s not what he cares about. Anyway, these issues are being decided mostly in the states and the courts. Put another way, if the far right hates Romney, how bad can he be?

But, as Peter Beinart pointed out recently, President Romney would inherit a permanent conservative infrastructure of think tanks, lobbyists and members of Congress that constrains any Republican administration. “It doesn’t matter all that much what Romney really believes, or whether he believes much of anything,” Beinart observed. “Romney will be a very conservative president because that’s the only kind of president a Republican can be these days.”



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