Who can you imagine with a better record and proven capability?

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"Romney is the BEST BUSINESSMAN IN NORTH AMERICA", (video, 3 min),  Top financial advisor, Jim Cramer

"In my lifetime, Mitt Romney is THE MOST QUALIFIED LEADER I'VE EVER SEEN run for the Presidency of the United States" (video, 3 min.), The famous admired Jack Welch.  (See also What Others Say.)

Mitt Romney HERO (vide, 1/2 min) and see the other examples

The Man Who TURNED AROUND THE OLYMPICS (Video, 10 min) - An incredible job against all odds, taking it over to save the 2002 'Winter Olympics.

The Story Of GOVERNOR Mitt Romney, the huge challenge (Video, 10 min.) - "To have a grown-up in the corner office, someone who doesn't let the children play with our tax dollars is a major asset."  "What you see is what you get. He is a straight shooter." "Mitt Romney cares and he is fearless.  I know he is a man of compassion. He is a man of integrity. The kind of character that he has and the concerns that he has, he believes in family. He's always wanted to know what was going on and how he could help."

KIND, ALTRUISTIC, CAPABLE  (Written) - "It seems that everyone who has known him has a tale of his altruism." 

CONSERVATIVE VALUES AND FISCAL STRENGTHS (Written) - He meets a yes on all conservative values and the highest on fiscal strengths (a combination of balancing the budget as a value and the ability to implement) - He will get extraordinary results for the United States and for all the people.
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