Simply glance at the key points if you wish and use the links if you wish more detail and/or understanding.

This plan will grow net jobs for current residents and add job creators from foreign born workers/students.

Only Mitt Romney has the CEO skills to implement this at the highest degree.  After all, the "job" is to be the Chief Executive Officer Of The United States Of America, not just an ideologue or an amateur who doesn't know how to run organizations effectively. 


    Tax - Encourage investment - Eliminate for those below $200,000 taxes on interest, dividends, gains
            Reconstruct for lower, flatter, simpler taxes
            Corporate tax - Eliminate competitive disadvantage with other countries; lower from 35% to 25%
            Commentary:  Scott McNealy: On Tax Policy

    Energy - Streamlined for rapid progress, only rational regulations (safety, etc.)
                 Increase production dramatically of energy resources and ration nuclear
                 Support pipelines Canada to U.S. refineries - Good jobs effect 
                 Do research and development funding directly and efficiently, not by investing in companies,
                       which government is not capable of evaluating well; alternative energy funding concentrated
                       on research.
                 Commentary:  Senator Jim Talent On Energy Policy 

    Regulation - Cost to the economy of federal regulations:  $1.75 trillion.
                       Cut to what is safe and practical; recognize and cut regulatory costs to eliminate undue
                            economic burdens on businesses; provide predictable, workable basis to provide certainty
                            and encourage expansion. 
                     - Repeal ObamaCare
                     - Repeal Dodd-Frank; replace with streamlined regulatory framework
                     - Amend Sarbanes-Oxley to relieve mid-size companies from onerous requirements
                     - Do a review of Obama era regulations and eliminate undue burdens on the economy
                     - Reform environmental regulation - Eliminate ineffective and/or harmful regs, consider in cost                               context and give proper lead times
                     - Reform legal liability system to prevent spurious litigation (!!!)
                     Commentary: Andy Puzder (Explaining effect on companies, including his)

    Trade - Open new markets, reinstating President's trade promotion authority
               Create the Reagan Economic Zone
               Confronting China and the broad set of problems and the immense trade deficit problem, use
                    strong, rational negotiating techniques where willing to walk away if necessary; no timidity
                    - Expand resources to prevent illegal entry of goods; litigation against unfair trade practices
                    - Discontinue U.S. Government procurement from China until it complies
                Commentary:  Governor Dave Heineman On Trade Policy (and importance of strong Presidential
                     leadership on opening new markets.

     Labor - Assure stable playing field on which businesses can operate effectively, with no worry of harmful
                     - Amend NLRA to explicitly protect the right of business owners to allocate their capital as
                       they see fit.  (!!!)
                Unions have rights, and assure free choice so that workers have rights; assure adequate
                    information to make an informed choice
                    - Free speech - Unions not take money from paychecks to spend on politics without permission
                      of the worker  
                Commentary:  Peter Schaumberger On Labor Policy  (and the impact on the economy)

     Human capital - (8% = lawful immigrants; 16% = immigrants founders of leading high-tech firms; 25% as
                             share of lead engineer and)

                             CEOs of high-tech firms)
                             Retraining in partnership with private sector, and streamlining bureaucracies to free up
                                 moneys for better use.
                                  - Especially to insure education and skills to match the jobs of today's economy.
                             Encourage states to use a system of Personal Reemployment Accounts to provide on
                                the job training for the unemployed (in Mass., Governor Romney did that).
                             Immigration policy leading to growth and benefits for all citizens:  Enable and encourage 
                                 the best and the brightest to stay and to come here; provides innovation, creates jobs.
                                 - Raise visa cap for highly skilled workers; grant residency to advanced degree grads
                                       in math, science, and engineering.
                                 - Prevent illegal immigration, in a practical way - Tight controls via EVerify, large
                                      penalties for employers who hire them, dry up the opportunities for jobs to cause
                             Commentary:  Meg Whitman On Importance Of A Skilled Workforce (CEO HP, eBay)

     Spending - Admit we have a problem!
                     Immediately cut non-security discretionary spending by 5% (more later)
                     Reform and restructure Medicaid as block grant to state.
                     Align wages and benefits of government worker with market rates
                     Reduce Federal workforce by 10% via attrition (and more later)
                     Fundamentally restructure government programs and services
                     Cap and balance the federal budget
                             Cap Federal spending at 20% of GDP
                             Balanced Budget Amendment
                     Commentary: Senator Jim Risch On Fiscal Policy