No matter how much people try to paint Romney as the inspirer or designer of Obamacare, the truth in what he actually did showed that he specified no new taxes and using only free markets

Many people misunderstand this and it has become an impediment to voting for him.  However, when you understand what he actually did, you will find that there is no impediment - and that his additional insight and experience will serve the nation in better replacing the ObamaCare mistakes

His state bill also was uniquely designed to cure certain huge key "challenges" (problems) of Massachusetts.  It was only meant to address and solve the huge key "challenges" unique to Massachusetts. 

He couldn't go further due to the 85% Democratic legislature, which inserted additional items into the bill, which Romney vetoed, among a few other parts (but they were overridden).  The courts also inserted some items.  To this day, opponents criticize him for something he actually never did - and there is plenty of proof that he didn't do it!    See Massachusetts Health Care Act - Designing a free market solution to solve a broken system


"At its core of this debate is the question of what creates better patient outcomes and more efficiency: 

Free enterprise and consumer-driven markets, or

Government management and regulation?"

                                                                     Mitt Romney, No Apology (book)


- Repeal and replace ObamaCare with market-based reforms that empower states and individuals
                and reduce health care costs. 

- States and private markets, not the Federal Government, hold the key to improving our health care
  system (as he did as Governor, contrary to how ObamaCare was created)

- Correct common failures in insurance markets, including counter-productive Federal rules.

- Maintain no denial due to pre-existing conditions for individuals continuously covered for a period of

- Medical malpractice reform, repairing the broken medical liability system

- Make health care more like a market

- Strengthen health savings accounts

- Reforms to drive down costs, better inform consumers, and improve the quality of health care in our