While he didn't save us from the evil empire (as Gingrich lays claim to, among other things, and while he does not promise something for everyone, etc. and etc. (as Obama does), what he promises, he delivers. 

Watch the video: The Olympics Turnaround

The scandal-ridden Olympics was deeply in debt and in big trouble.

D'Allessandro:  "The best way I can describe what he faced is trying to rebuild an airplane while it is flying."

Fraser Bullock, chief financial officer:   "The tsunami of financial, banking, legal, government, morale, and sponsor problems following the revelation of the bid scandal swamped the organization.  It was the most troubled turnaround  I had ever seen. "

He energize the organizing committee, repaired the terrible reputation, raised lots of money, instituted frugality, and "he was adamant about being squeaky clean on every single rule."  He no longer provided extravagant lunches for board members, etc. and charged for cokes and pizza slices - he was the star of a cartoon, saying "We're cheap!" in front of "MittFrugal's" discount Winter Games.

He ended up with $100 million extra to fund the future with.

The most successful Winter Olympics ever, saved from the ashes.

The head of NBC, which had paid over $400 million for the rights was worried, naturally about his investment and its success.  Dick Ebersol was impressed by Romney.  "I have no doubt whatsoever, as the representative of the chief investor in the Salt Lake City Olympics, that Mitt Romney was single-handedly responsible for those Games being the immense success they were."    "The list of people who could have pulled it off began and ended with Mitt Romney."


Doing a take off on an old commercial, I would have to say of Mitt Romney that "success is his most important product."  And its one you can count on.


“If you come into a meeting with a presupposed conclusion, he will challenge you,”

In meetings, “He will come up with things that people never thought of before."

“Mitt is a cheapskate,” . “He does not tolerate one iota of waste.”

Romney’s enthusiasm was infectious, driving the sales people to set an all-time record for Olympic sponsorships.

He’s very articulate, and he created a philosophy of total transparency. We met with the media every Friday and told them here’s what’s going on.”

“I don’t think I ever saw him flustered,”

When he took the job, Romney said he would accept the offered salary of $250,000 a year only if the Olympics made a profit. When it did, he turned his salary over to charity. In addition, he contributed $1 million to the games.

"This TRUE account is the most impressive demonstration of skill, selfless service, and LACK of greed we have ever seen from a Presidential candidate, 'When he took the job, Romney said he would accept the offered salary of $250,000 a year only if the Olympics made a profit. When it did, HE TURNED HIS SALARY OVER TO CHARITY... AND... CONTRIBUTED $1 MILLION to the games."