Analysis does not consist of assertions and generalities.  It is about specifics and evaluating their effects.  It is not about conjecture but about concrete facts and reasoning.

The job Obama is doing is obscured by lack of specificity, where one can hide in the vagueness.  As a cycle has its inevitable self-growth, we often will attribute that to who is present at the time - inappropriately.

We have to break it down in pieces and then decide if those pieces are well done or damaging.  And we must assure that there are adequate skills to do the job.


Lack of practical knowledge in economics (proven)

Slowest job growth of any recession

    Natural economiic cycle has created growth

    Federal Reserve played significant role (independent)


Looking at specifics, we can get a clearer picture, rather than looking at the overall and trying to guess what he deserves credit for.  Many moves have delayed effects, some have no effects, but the moves are indicative of the direction of the moves and their effects, so we look at those specifics, fact by fact.

Lessened energy production and jobs, despite positive effects on production from the prior administration.

Anti-business stance

Business hindering regulations and overzealous enforcement.  Impracticalites.

Put forth bills with a known no-chance of passing - and then blamed congress (but they were locked into ideological fixedness, on both sides; Obama proposed bills paid for by taxes, instead of spending offsets, after it was clearly stated that "no new taxes" would be acceptable in any bill or any case!  He had a clear   "don't go there, it is non-negotiable and non-workable" declaration.)

Allows 30+ House-passed jobs bills to not be addressed or voted on 

Stimulus bill was haste causing waste - Poor conceptualizing and failed to target most impactfully

     Warned that green jobs produced would be very few, but went ahead anyway

Uncertainty of tax policy - And other policies; makes it more difficult to make long run growth decisions

Cost burdens of regulation

    Makes overseas contracts more desirable

Cost burdens of health care bill on business 

    Makes overseas contracts more desirable

Slowed permitting process - Greatly elongated, delaying

Refused to address corporate tax rates and competitiveness (until ready for reelection!)

Complained of "subsidies" to oil companies 

Hindered new Boeing plant, favoring unions 'unfairly'

And on and on and on...


     Natural economic cycle has created growth

    Federal Reserve significant role - "Quantitative easing" (printing huge amounts of money - inflationary)

LESSENED ENERGY PRODUCTION AND JOBS - Claims false credit for past leases

    Sent drilling rigs overseas, away from production on our shores - The six month moratorium.  Unwise
        planning and knee jerk reaction. 
     Keystone pipeline - After three years of investigation and getting approval but some marching from
          environmentalist, Obama decided to delay the situation past the election, with nary a doubt a strictly
          political decision. 
     High, strangling regulations on coal plants will cause the loss of jobs and energy, from our cheapest
         source, succeeding in reaching Obama's goal of having Electricity Costs Skyrocket (see video), but
         applying now to new regulations.
     Lower permits on federal lands will hold back jobs - plus it will assure we do not get the extra jobs from
         an all out oil program that will allow us to gain revenues, jobs, and more growth and to offset a big part
         of our trade deficit (we need to reduce it or the dollar loses more value)


Millions of people have left the workforce and they are not counted in the key unemployment measurer (called U-3), which involves the people currently looking for work in the last 4 weeks.  

The U-6 number, which includes underemployed part-time and discouraged workers no longer looking is:

15+% - not a good number!.

Turning down the Keystone pipeline and lots of other delays and maneuvers have caused us to not add jobs that would have been so easy to grab and/or hold on to!