Overall statistics can include many influencing factors, so one has to look at the individual factors to see proper detail and clarity.   

    FACTOR                                             OBAMA                                                      ROMNEY

Rapidly declining, both      Worst recovery rate in any recession              Least attractive state for jobs, highest
                                                                                                         declining of all states when he took over.
                                                                                                         50th when started, 12th in annual job growth when left.

Legislature                       Same Party, first 2 years                               85% Democratic legislature   

Considered                       Anti-business (Fat cats, 1%,                         Increased prospects from 13 to 288 (added a sales force!),
                                          "unfair", oil companies target                     Governor Romney Was A Bulldog For Jobs   

Regulatory burden             Highest ever, by far                                       Reduced
                                                                                                         Streamlined permitting process, "one stop" process

                                        Keystone Pipeline - All parties                     Did everything could, including tax incentives,
                                         acknowledged was political decision              Squibb major coup

Health Care Initiative          Pushed through without agreement,               Romney's proposal with no cost to business.                                                                  adds to business cost/uncertainty. 
                                      Adds taxes and other costs                          No new taxes, only cost to free riders                      
                                      Pushed thru with legislative trick,                  Business, conservatives, tax groups all agreed on
                                        "read it later"                                             Only 2 dissenting votes among 400
Oil, trade deficits              Reduced fed land oil permits 40%,                (Will dramatically increase, and have proper regulation)
                                           see actual oil record 

Solved financial/debt          Worst ever under a President by double        Balanced budget (by law), was $3B deficit
                                       Spending up $1 trillion/yr compared to          Left $2B rainy day fund
                                             2007 (6% of GDP)                                 Lowest increase in bonds
Economic jobs                  Pushed uneconomic jobs and                      Halted as uneconomic
                                            green creation

                                      Executive order to provide work                         
                                        permits to 800,000 illegals
                                        when citizen unemployment high

                                                                                                             NO CONTEST!  THE OVERALL WINNER, BY FAR!


Governor Romney Was A Bulldog For Jobs

"Romney, a former private equity executive, backed tax breaks for film makers and biotech and medical-device manufacturers. His administration promoted venture capital-style funds that extended loans to start-up companies, some of which subsequently went out of business[of course]..

As the state's top salesman, he led the effort to lure desirable employers through tax breaks and other incentives."


Total national debt of about $4.1672 trillion accumulated by all 41 U.S. presidents from George Washington through George H.W. Bush combined.
Clinton increase in debt:  1.49 trillion   (Wikipedia, History Of US Public Debt)
George W. Bush had an increase of $4.899 trillion in 8 years, including TARP.
Obama projected, including $780B stimulus in 4 years:  5.33 Trillion
   (Obama’s own 2013 budget as $1.413 trillion for 2009, $1.293 trillion for 2010, $1.3 trillion for 2011, and $1.327 trillion for 2012.)