Romney is the most qualified leader ever to run for President.  I see that he will work hard to provide the greatest progress of any President toward American prosperity and a smart, efficient government.


Reviewing his experience, I see him with a dramatic ability in

1.  Being able to understand what the experts say and to utilize it effectively.
2.  Being able to get the top experts together and to implement without lag what comes from that.
3.  Making well-thought out decisions in a very timely manner.

The current President has lagged in all of those, not because of any fault of his own, but because of the lack of education and experience to have the necessary knowledge and skills to implement things effectively, plus some impractical ideology that gets in the way of his making a good tradeoff and balanced decision. 


Energy production dramatically increased to the level of independence (with no net cost to the environment), with a further effect of improving:  (Obama has created a 40% drop in permits on Federal land.  See Oil Claims.)
     Reducing our balance of trade deficit (along with other moves)  
     Increasing income to the US government, via royalties, to help reduce our deficits and debt

Create fiscal responsibility and balance in Social Security and Medicare, curing the $100 trillion unfunded liability problem that would destroy at least Medicare, while securing the current benefits for those 55 and over.
(Obama refuses to put forth any concrete plan or to confront this at all.)

Creating a workable, effective economy to benefit all levels of the American society, for future abundance and much greater competitive advantage.  He knows how to get the experts together to provide the best strategies and how to make effective decisions and get them into effect in a very timely manner.  (Obama has been a poor implementer and decisionmaker, as documented.  See Inexperience And Impracticality, The Cost.)


I think it is relative bullbleep to say extreme things about conservatives not wanting to help other people.  I want to help others as much as possible to live happy lives and to help them better their capability to create that for themselves, to the extent that is possible

Romney will set up systematic, well-run programs to:

Assure the safety net for the poor is repaired and functioning, but that those who are capable get out there and become productive.  That makes sense.   There will be a dramatic improvement to the effectiveness of the welfare system to serve those who need it, with a dramatic reduction/elimination of inefficiencies and waste, including controls to eliminate fraud.

Assure dramatic education progress.   Competition and allowing innovation cannot harm anyone and has the potential of moving things forward much quicker than the currently limiting situation.  Charter schools and the sort of advances as provided by the Khan Academy (online) are what will lead to the future.  And I don't believe that there will be any harm to teachers that are good, as they will be hired to keep teaching, whether or not charter schools predominate.  There will be a revolution in education in the next 8 years.

Practical, responsible energy efficiency programs, eliminating huge wastefulness and ineffectiveness.  The plan, reflecting the best inputs of experts, will eliminate Solyndra type debacles and other wastes and make sure that the investments are timed to be effective and "cost wise" given technological practicalities.  He will also channel dollars to effective research and innovation, without the clumsiness of government.


As an independent, I have chosen to support

"The right to choose" (leaving current laws in effect).   Romney respects the right of the people and will not go against their vote, which is clearly in favor of keeping the right.  So it will be kept.  I do honor his and others' beliefs about the sanctity of life, just as I honor the beliefs of those who believe in the right to choose (as I do, for its benefits to the choosers).  It is an argument for which there is no supreme power to settle, but it will stay in effect as it is. 

Equal rights for gay people.  I think a vehicle for their being able to have the same rights and benefits as heterosexuals can attain is appropriate.  I honor the need for gay people to feel respected and that what that means to them is the use of the term "marriage".  I honor the right of people to believe in the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman.  I would like to see both sides get what they want, and it will be immensely quicker if "civil unions" were the goal, but since gay people have stated the high importance of "marriage" being the term needed I would favor their getting that.