We get excited by things like the anticipation of sex, a new love, buying a new car or a new house, hopes of working out a problem one has had all of his life, inspirational stories, a new job.

But why don't we get excited about hiring the best businessman in North America", and the one who an admired famous success called the most qualified leader I've ever seen run for the Presidency of the United States" ?

Oh, geez, he sounds a bit like he talks too fast and he seems different than the rest of us and might not be able to relate to us, and he might have a different religion than me - geez, you're not hiring a preacher or looking for a movie star type or a talk show host, we're looking for results - and that is exciting.

Exceptional ability - how important is that?!!

I'm excited about this guy's great abilities, though not his speaking eloquence althouth he is ok and human like the rest of us.    I'm excited that he is an accomplishment freak and geek, because he tackles problems and eats them for breakfast, with nary a burp.

Fictional characters and false expectations

It is so peculliar how we try to set up the image of leaders as the perfect personifications of  some valued traits - and then we ignore other great traits as not "being exciting".     sex is exciting, but hiring a chief executive officer of the United States is not exciting - at least not the process or the candidate.  But the prospects of having good resoutsl should be pretty darn exciting!

Yes, eloquence and great promises are exciting!  "Hope and change".   The pied piper is exciting.  Gingrich is exciting at times for his 'great visions' and being 'bold' (we really like that one!), but we fail to see the erraticness, the inability and/or lack of experience to run an organization.  Having a high flow of great ideas is exciting.  But as Johnson-Oconnor Labs told me after my aptitude tests, paraphrasing:  "With your very high idea flow, whatever you do don't become an executive.  Executives have to execute and you'll never be able to do that, as you'll be off entertaining another idea a minute."  Lots of ideas are exciting

Compassionate, altruistic

Well, I don't think he "feels my pain".  [Actually, nobody does.  They feel their own pain.  Or they're sympathetic and comforting.  But Romney thoroughly and boringly meets the definition of "compassionate" and he follows through so that his life is a testament to it.   Compassionate is wanting to have another not suffer and to be better off. 

As in the book The Real Romney, he's incomparably altruistic.... He gives 16% of his income to charities (and that's big money given his huge income), while Obama was at 1% and Biden is at 0.2% (Gingrich is a bit better at 2.6%.)  

He goes and helps rescue the Winter Olympics giving more than a year, at a salary of $1/year.  This guy is compassionate for sure and I want to give him my problem to solve and he is a fix-it madman, super repair guy, truly a handyman, for those types of problems. 

I am excited about the greatest possible difference ever made in area of government and set up the economy for long term strength and prosperity, fixing systems to serve all the people.  This is our one opportunity!  We are unlikely to ever have such a qualified leader to be President.