In true substance, he is at the highest level. 

He walks his talk.

He is focused on results all the time, so he may not be Mr. "I feel your pain", but he won't "yank your chain"!

    He'll be a true and loyal "friend" in delivering good for you and all Americans!

Look at his substance - and, yes, he is different in some ways, but those are great differences that will serve

    We can truly trust this fellow!


It seems that we are drawn toward those who believe as we do, as if we were selecting a friend (or a minister) rather than hiring a chief executive.  And we often vote for them without vetting them to see if they can do the job we are hiring them for!!!!!

Or we idealize people to what we want, as the perfect candidate.


"Gee, that Gingrich is strong and has bold ideas.  He won't put up with crap from that awful media!."  

We forget that he is to be an executive and that he has no experience.  We forget about how divisive he is and how erratic he has been.  His ideas are great, but he swings around between them.  And then he takes credit for everything, including surpluses caused by a 25% increase in revenues from the tech boom!  We ignore that he didn't do that all and criticized Reagan abusively.


"Gee, that Santorum is a good guy! [I agree.]  And he is Mr. Clean, Mr. Pure, who will stand up for good Christian values!  And lots of other things, too!" 

And then we fail to note that he lost his last election by a record 18%, while having the lowest favorability rating of all 100 Senators.  We fail to note the divisive, sometimes extreme, comments that created that rating.  We fail to note that he has never run anything.  And we fail to note that he has taken contradictory stances, though he accuses others of that.  We fail to note that his "negatives" about other candidates are obscured by how he says them so sincerely.  We fail to note that what he says is often not based on the truth. 


Both of those fellows have good traits and are very smart, but they don't really qualify, even if we like them and/or admire them. 


So, with Romney, we see that he is "different", so we may draw away from. 

He has produced tremendous wealth through his effectiveness - but isn't effectiveness what we want in the Chief Executive Officer Of The United States?!!!!  

He is constantly in solution finding mode and committed to results, so he seems remote, as he isn't putting on the absolutely charming "I feel your pain" personality.  But then we want someone who will be intensely focused on creating great results for us, don't we?

And a number of people buy into that "he is heartless" or "mean" idea that his opponents have successfully mislead them into.  He is actually one of the most intensely giving people I've ever heard of.


Would I want him as a friend?  

You bet. 

As I want someone who walks his talk and who thinks soundly and rationally and someone who is always seeking to improve things and contribute to others

I also hear that, when you know him personally, you find him to be quite personable and friendly and even funny (although some of his humor falls flat, which is kinda funny just because of that, as he thinks in subtle ways that others might not catch on to). 

I recognize that he is so focused on getting results and delivering true value to his wife Ann and to his family that he may not have time for me.  But I won't be offended or think him brutish, for I know he is a true giver, who is truly compassionate and always seeking to contribute to people so that they can be better off.

In my book, he is the most likable person I can think of!