Obama asserts a rule that all insurance companies must pay for birth control.

The religion institutions see that as an infringement on religious liberty.

The Republicans object to the overstep of government authority and the intrusion on religious liberty.  It is government imposing on people's rights.

The Dems say that women must be provided birth control for their health.

The Repubs object to mandating that it be in all health insurance policies and that it makes someone else pay for a person's birth control, rather than being responsible for one's own cost.  The Repubs say pay for your own and if you need help the same sources would provide it.

The Dems say the Repubs are taking away your birth control rights, stealing a right from women - and that the Repubs have a "war against women".

Hey, what.  You kiddin' me!  

How could anyone fall for that? 

But they succeeded.  People were fooled.

And the polls showed a huge drop in women voting for Repubs. 

This is a big deal!   The Repubs must reeducate.  They must reassure women that all rights are intact - and say that over and over.  

After all, the Dems got people to believe it simply by repeating over and over the party line.

And Mitt Romney needs to address this, saying a definite commitment: your rights to birth control are absolutely guaranteed.  This is not a question.  It is the law of the land.  It existed before ObamaCare and it will exist after it. 

But those who can pay for it will be expected to do so.

This will not be a socialistic state, as we need to control our spending so that we will not be strangled by taxes.  At the rate we're going now, taxes will have to be increased for everybody.  $47 billion dollars from the millionaires will only cover 3% of the deficit.   You're being fooled.

Anyway, women's rights are not at all threatened.  They were there before the insurance scandal and they will be there after this.  There is no war on women.  In fact, we are going to maximize growth, so that all people will rise in a rising tide - and that will especially benefit women, who are the one's most affected in job losses in Obama's recession.