As we grow up, we learn we can't have everything we want, but we can have everything that we really, really want.


The core question for voters is:  Will he benefit me?

The corollary question, which is a bit moralistic in nature, is:  Does he believe as I do?

But the reason we want people to believe as we do is because we feel safer if someone believes as we do - and then maybe they'll 'do right by us' - which means they'll benefit us!


But what Romney will provide is not based on whether he agrees with the more extreme views, as none of those will prevail in a society that is democratic.  The Left needs to give up on some of the issues that never have been resolved by any President.  The Right has to do the same.  Both have to give up fruitless wishful thinking - and look at what actually is "gettable."


None of your rights will be taken away, as he is extremely fair and practical. 

And you'll be safe, where it matters.   National security and the rule of law; consistency with regard to policies; fiscal responsibility - that's what you want at the core.  No "too powerful" entities will be allowed to abuse their power.  There will be fiscal sanity required of all big institutions that could have an unduly large effect on us.

And you can count on him providing that, as he walks his talk and has the extraordinary capability of implementing whatever is required - and there is no question about that. 

If you put all the unbelievable political twistings aside and use pure fact-based reasoning, you'll see that he is unique in being able to deliver what is most important to you: safety, to live your life as you wish, and prosperity

You'll find this to be true:

Prosperity:  He will create the environment for facilitating growth and creating prosperity.

      "All boats rise in a rising tide."
      All who participate will do well.

      The barriers will be removed, so we can thrive.


      Very strong on keeping our capability to defend ourselves, in an absolute sense
      Will close the borders (especially to prevent terrorist infiltration)
      He will not enter any wars that will not be worth it, as he doesn't waste a buck plus he will not tolerate
           wasting lives

Economic and personal freedom

     He will not repress, suppress, impose anything that would limit your freedom (with a limit of where it
          crosses over into hurting others)