"Illegal" appears to mean illegal, not legal.  That's not so hard to understand or define.  We could hedge and say "well, that's ok, we'll let it pass."  But it's illegal, period.   And we want to do everything to discourage and stop the inflow of more illegal immigrants. 

The low level of education of illegal immigrants creates another underclass, where incomes are lower.  It is already proven that those who have a high school education and a stable family unit and life only have a 2% unemployment rate - and they make more money.  Those who have inadequate education have very low income, dropping the bottom quartile of Americans into a lower average income, and causing a greater income inequality - not because the rich caused the problem, but because the atual cause has been identified.    of the Americans

Although we would build a wall to keep out dangerous people and to secure the nation, it is likely to be impossible to round up every illegal immigrant and to deport them.  I like Romney's concept of using "self-deportation" by clamping down solidly on employers who hire.  Doing that through a complete EVerify system, where an employer must run the person through the EVerify system and not take on any illegal immigrants makes sense, with very high penalties. 


Mitt Romney, as Governor, vetoed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. " Look I'm happy to help legal immigrants but illegal immigrants coming here getting a break...". like legal immigrants.

•In 2004, Governor Romney Vetoed Legislation To Grant In-State Tuition To Illegal Immigrants. “Romney also vetoed a number of outside sections of the budget, including: … A plan that would have permitted illegal aliens to pay the same in-state tuition rate at our public colleges and universities as Massachusetts citizens.”  (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, Press Release, 6/25/04)

•“While The Measure Won Support In The House And Senate, Gov. Mitt Romney Vetoed It. And Despite Heavy Lobbying, The Legislative Calendar Expired Before Lawmakers Could Consider Overriding The Veto.” (Julie Mehegan, “Still Hope On Aid For Immigrant Students,” Lowell Sun, 8/16/04)