Though generally a nice man, with a great wife, Obama has proven himself to be driven by politics and ideology such that the methods he uses do not quite measure up to what is true nor does he seem to hold as his first priority doing what is right for the country.

What are the replies that might work for Romney?

I've suggested a few.

And I suggest that there be "no blame" or attbitution of motives, only "I see" or "I assess".  Nothing that sounds like whining or complaining - just a reporting of the facts and why something does or does not work. 


Reply:  It was not my job to create jobs for no financial benefit.  What I created, as do other businesspeople, was the businnesses that would provide the jobs.  And the companies I created or saved have created many, many jobs.  Those were a byproduct of prosperity.  And it is not a President or a government that creates jobs, it is businesses freely operating that create jobs.  The government is not equipped with the skills or means to create jobs.  It mostly has to just remove the barriers and leave it to the free markets to have businesses succeed.  Of course, we would put the safety of the citizens first with proper regulations, but we would repeal excessive  and oppressive regulations.  The citizens would be protected for sure.  And the businesses would be allowed to flourish.

Oh, yes, we acted in the interest of our companies when we found it beneficial to use cheaper resources in other countries.  That is a reality.  We benefit from this and from free trade.  The citizens buy goods from those countries, but seldom are they accused of being unpatriotic or disloyal.  They buy lots of foreign cars, and it is their right.  But as a President I have a different job.  And that is to do my very best to have our country be attractive enough for companies to invest here and to employ our citizens.

That is where my expertise will come in.  And it is my promise and my commitment to do all I can in that regard for the American people.

By the way, with General Motors you got rid of distributors and eliminated alot of jobs, but for the long term benefit.  That is what we must do to make things healthier.  It is a reality - and a healthy thing to do.


Accusation:  You wanted to let GM die when you said it should just go into bankruptcy.


Many people assume that means "let it die", but that is not the kind of bankruptcy I was advocating.  I meant to use it as a means for reorganizing so that it could be saved and be effective again.  Many companies, just as individual would, become successful again.

I've seen it over and over.

It is interesting when people accuse us of bankrupting companies that were already in trouble, as they would have gone out of business otherwise.  Not all are saved, but many have been rescued.


Accusation:  You approve of Obamacare as it was designed from RomneyCare.  RomneyCare is the same, therefore we're worried that you won't repeal it.

Reply:    I have promised I will repeal it.  And that is a promise I will absolutely keep.  There is nothing to worry about that.  I will handle it, in the best interests of this country. 

Though Obama used some of the ideas, he added or changed the essence of what we accomplished in the state.

We met a financial emergency and addressed a broken system as best we could, given an 85% Democratic legislature.   When the uninsured went to the emergency rooms for ordinary care, we were incurring costs of 4 to 5 times the regular cost and we had to deal with that.  We had to also charge "free riders", who could afford insurance but didn't buy it, for the costs that the state incurred when they went to get their free care.   Some people called that an individual mandate, but it was just an appropriate billing to those who otherwise would force others to pay for their care when they could afford the insurance.  I vetoed the attempt of the legislature to fine employers for not providing health care.  I did not want to use force to make them do what would cost them more money and damage their businesses.  We had to avoid the terrible impacts on our state economy by discouraging businesses in our already terrible business climate in Massachusettss.  The state incurred some costs, but the benefits were much greater overall.   

Later, the courts inserted coverage for abortions, but I got the legislature to approve some co-pays.  The abortion rate for the state declined afterward.

I had no alternative but to accept the clause that required that Planned Parenthood be on the Connector Board committee, but it is included nowhere else in the bill.  Accusations otherwise are just untruths.

I  also insisted that there be no new taxes and that it be based on a free market system. 

This was suitable for our state and even today, after it has been modified, it has high approval ratings.

It is not at all ObamaCare.  In my opinion, there is only health care system user fees and there is no equivalent to the Individual Mandate in ObamaCare.  ObamaCare is very flawed and harmful and should be replaced.  And for those of you who are concerned, I will be sure to protect the provisions not to deny insurance for pre-existing conditions.  That has been in my plan from the start on MittRomney.com.


Accusation:  Some variation of the exaggeration and untruth of:  the Republicans want dirtier air and dirtier water - and don't care about the environment.

Reply:  No we don't want dirtier air or dirtier water.  That is absolutely false and misleading.  What want is balance:  to protect our environment but not do it unintelligently or harmfully. 

I will repeal the regulations that are excessive, but assure that we will provide safety for the citizens and for the long term benefit of having a healthy environment.


Accusation:  You are not bold enough to shake up the system to the level it needs it.

Reply:  That is totally the opposite of my record.  I have innovated in whatever I've done. 

Even the so-called RomneyCare was highly innovative.  We designed a solution that was very different, through my getting true experts together to create something beyond what the legislature had proposed.  We succeeded in creating something unique to our state.  It was landmark legislation.  Over half of the states showed high interest.   We were the first.  Unfortunately, the design of ObamaCare was a total disaster.   What we innovated was much different.

Wherever I've gone I've confronted the problems and implemented innovative solutions.  Whether it was in improving businesses or in saving the Winter Olympics or in taking my state from a big deficit to a surplus right away ...I was innovating, confronting and solving.   I have always been bold and resolute in creating good change and in confronting problems that many prefer to not confront. 

I have done these directly and they are factual.  I have not taken credit for what others actually did.  Think about that, if you will.


The barrage of misrepresentations all focus on the standard strategy of alienation and labelling the other guy (or country or party or whatever target group) as evil, not caring, bad, etc.  Not connecting is just something repeated over and over to reinforce the idea that since he doesn't connect (and that he isn't connecting) therefore he can't understand us and care about us and therefore not will not do a good job for us.

Reply:  I care about all the American people.  Sometimes I am focused on what group at a time, but that doesn't mean I won't be focusing on the other groups also. 

I am only in this race because I see suffering and people not prospering and I want to do all I can to have them be happy and prosper - and to not be burdened with poverty or excessive debt, especially for future generations.  I can see ahead, which doesn't take any particular genius as it only takes looking, and I see the burdens for the future generations that are created through not being fiscally responsible. 

Yes, I might not understand everything in everybody's head, but I do see and deeply care about tthe problems Americans are going through.  And I am 100% committed to solving those.  I will represent and benefit all the people.  You can bank on that.


Reply:  Yes, people have bought into that misunderstanding (mischaracterization).   They've been feed stories and, of course, tend to believe them - until the facts are understood.  I trust that the citizens will come to good conclusions once they have the actual facts.  Your accusation is simply not valid at all.


Although you are I[m sure a well-meaning fellow, what I see, what I assess is that you simply were not qualified for the job and naturally could not do it well.  It takes experience.  We can't just have good intentions, we need lots of experience.

What I see is business expressing hesitance to go forward - and I will give them the freedom and the certainty to feel safe going forward.  Mine will be a business friendly prosperity approach.  What I have seen in your administration is excessive and repressive regulations and the existence of an adversarial relationship with business and those who finance it.  That simply doesn't work.  It is not a moral thing, but simply an issue of what works and doesn't work.  We need a practical, rational approach and I have the experience and tools to craft solutions and to carry them out. 

I see that there are many untrue assertions that you've made here.  Some are from lack of understanding but I question the motives of the others.  And I would like to see light shined on what is going on. 


A direct answer and a summation must be published right after each debate or political attack, with a gentle rebuke, as the people will be able to understand.  [No harsh attacks from any of you Romney supporters!!!]

The purpose is to lock in the truth, to the extent people will pay attention, and to drill into everyone's mind the good traits and the abilities for Romney to create what we all want.  As part of that, each communication will assure, with a stated special commitment where needed, that there will be fairness, protection, full and equal rights, etc.  

And, to fit with what works for many people nowadays, a video that need not be fully polished but which communicates the key points and/or uses the format of the pieces from The Real World News With John Coldbear (see Menu).

And these are the facts....
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