Although I haven't seen this all in one place, this is what I've gleaned.  And Romney is not a man who produces unfulfilled promises and slogans.  He is a man who is proven to follow throught on his commitments, both due to his integrity and the other essential ingredient: the proven capability to produce the results.

Indeed, he is

       A man who walks his talk.

       A man of proven courage to confront and a history of bold, innovative practical solutions.


I care deeply for having all Americans have prosperity and well-being.  I am absolutely committed to makng that happen.  I am absolutely committed to solve whatever solvable problems there are for Americans.  This is what the rest of my life is about.

I am passionately committed to rapid effective problem solving and implementation, using the best and the brightest and harvesting what will work.  I will make that happen.

I will work with others to come to workable solutions, just as I've done in the past.  I will see that we are fiscally responsible and not spending more than we take in, nor burdening Americans with excess taxes.

I will create the environment that will allow for and encourage businesses and individual to be fruitful, free and harvesting opportunites, removing all the barriers.  I will see that Americans are empowered to live the American Dream.  i will see to it that we create jobs and protect those we have.

Specific Items:

I commit to creating a Balanced Budget and fiscal integrity, with an efficient, smaller less costly government.

    "We have a moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in."

I absolutely commit to assuring that the Social Security and Medicare benefits are protected and that fiscal integrity will be achieved so that we can continue those programs without burdening our future generations.

I will assure that we protect American interests in our trade and that we are strong and resolute.

I will assure that Americans are safe, both from threats and abuse of power.